Haiku Deck Zuru Presentation Software Review

Rating: 7.7 / 10 (Very good)
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Haiku Deck Zuru takes an intuitive or what it calls an AI (Artificial Intelligence) approach to presentation software creation. It makes creating presentations easier by using information in your outline or from an existing PowerPoint presentation, Keynote and suggesting themes and images. The software searches for “keywords” and creates a presentation based on previous client preferences. Haiku has been offering a free service for creating presentation and has collected as huge database. Haiku expects its presentation software to improve its “AI” as it learns with time.



Creating a presentation through Haiku Deck Zuru is not exactly a straightforward process.  You create a simple presentation outline on Evernote or import an existing PowerPoint or Keynote presentation and the software immediately begins to work. It searches for keywords, phrases and studies how the content is laid out. Haiku then uses this information and matches it with themes, images and layouts. Users are also given the option of arranging or enhancing the layout.

Haiku Deck Zuru creates presentation by picking out keywords or phrases and matching it with themes and images in its database. Results are based on previous client preferences. So you basically end up with the most popular themes and images. If this is not to your liking you could always choose from Haiku’s image lineup. Changing some keywords in your presentation also allows the software to change images accordingly. You could also upload your own image but remember that this will be available to the community.

Parsing and Data Structuring

Upon upload of existing presentation from Keynote, Evernote or PowerPoint)

  • Analyze text placement in images
  • Language processing, extracts keywords
  • Uses best presentation practices for displaying texts on each frame

Keyword Analysis

  • Looks at how frequently each possible keyword on a slide appears in presentations, vs. how frequently it has been used as an image search term and actually selected as an image result.

Image Selection

  • Matches keywords with images based on previously collected data

Image Optimization

Finishing Touches

  • Font selection
  • Slide content recommendation (trimming text, suggest image)
  • Manual editing directly with Zuru
  • Export presentation to PowerPoint for further edits



Haiku Deck is available as a web app for the iPad and its variants. It is fully compatible with a wide range of browsers including Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Haiku Deck Zuru on the other hand is accessed through browsers. Results can then be edited on a laptop or desktop using its web app.  Presentations could also be shared or viewed via its free iPhone app.

Currently, Haiku Deck Zuru allows you to import from Keynote, PowerPoint and Evernote.  Future plans include turning email messages, blog posts and other data collection points into presentations.  


Ease of Use

Haiku Deck Zuru is fairly easy to use and only requires you to import a simple Evernote outline or existing PowerPoint file. It then seems to take over by suggesting a series of images and layouts for your slideshow. The software bases its recommendations from keywords and image selections from its collection of previous presentations. The software also uses visualizing techniques to analyze images for optimum text placement. Once generated, presentations could be edited either through apps or over the web. This can also be exported for use in PowerPoint presentations.



Haiku Deck Zuru is currently being offered at $30 per year. This is available for charter members who purchase the software before its general public offering.


Summary – Haiku Deck Zuru Presentation Software

Haiku Deck Zuru is perfect for first time or time-poor users searching for a quick way to create professional looking presentations. Its engine takes much of the work and it even gives you the option of uploading results to PowerPoint for further editing. It certain is a bargain at $30 a year or half its listed price. While it may not have the editing savvy of its presentation software competitors, it does come on top in terms of speed and user-friendliness in creating presentations.




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  • Super Themes, built-in variations
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  • Collaborate with multiple users  in a single presentation
  • Insert online media directly (images, sound, YouTube, Facebook)