Micros POS Review

#4 in Point of Sale Services

Micros from Oracle offer an extensive list of POS solutions for almost every type of business. The company provides a wide range of POS software and equipment along with cloud-based and on-premise setup. Micros acquisition by Oracle enables clients to take advantage of Oracle’s current business applications for a more comprehensive solution.




Food and Beverage

Micros RES (Restaurant Enterprise Solution)

  • Cash management
  • Table management
  • Scheduled price management
  • Scheduled (de-)activation of articles
  • Freely configurable automatic discounts
  • Connection to liquid drink dispensers
  • Free definition of article groups / report groups
  • Simple configuration of articles (SLU groups)
  • Freely configurable tracking down to article level for highly detailed controlling
  • Create menus including automatic information display of ingredients
  • Waste module
  • Conversational Ordering Module (COM)
  • Smart keys for clearly laid out displays
  • Integrated system control for cancellations
  • Comprehensive reporting (more than 150 default reports)
  • Hand-held support with full POS functionality
  • Control of digital menu boards

Optional functionalities:

  • Control of kitchen display systems (KDS) to optimize order and food preparation processes
  • Time and attendance
  • Alert Manager to alert employees to events in the restaurant



  • Open integration
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2008 or Windows® 7 Professional compatible
  • Easy integration with OPOS-compliant peripheral hardware including printers, cash drawers and pole displays
  • Flexible, easy to integrate
  • Maintenance-free, relational database for Sybase®, a leading provider of embedded database solutions for high-volume, transaction-oriented environments


Inventory Management

  • Purchasing, receiving and stock functionality
  • Web-based software for managing inventory
  • In-store and company-wide
  • Detailed inventory reports


Employee Management

  • Complete payroll pre-processing
  • Staff scheduling
  • Intelligent scheduling
  • Holiday, sick pay and other earnings
  • Human resource management
  • Forecasting


Customer Management

  • Gift card
  • Table reservations
  • Micros engagement feature


Payment Options (Point of Sale Features)

Mobile payments

Online ordering

Barcode scanning

Credit/ debit card transactions

Loyalty programs

Print receipts



PC workstation

Mobile Micros (tablet, handheld)

Barcode scanner




Hotels and resorts

Food and beverage

Retail services




Stadium and arenas

Theme parks


Bottom Line

Micros from Oracle is an excellent POS service for businesses searching for a more comprehensive point-of-sale solution. It offers a wide range of payment options that helps businesses accept payments through a range of payment gateways. It does not only offer your customers convenient ways of making payments but also help build better customer relations by enhancing the services you offer. It also comes with employee and inventory management features to assist you in back-office operations. Micros is a solid product that comes highly recommended for POS hunters.  



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Micros POS review
We are writing this review to express extreme disappointment in our Micros/Oracle POS system. In spring of 2014 we met with several POS venders and ultimately chose Micros because they promised “at table” ordering and credit card support with their new hand-held devices. We were also promised a smooth transition from our previous POS system. Nearly two years have passed and our installation still has not been completed. The following are the problems that ensued. • Training was a disaster. Their trainer came late and unprepared. Our entire staff was present and “on the clock” as they sat waiting for the trainer to learn their product. Most of our staff’s questions went unanswered. Our staff was left to figure things out on their own; both front and back of the house. • The handhelds, which were the main reason for our purchase, have never worked properly. They frequently lock up while our servers are taking orders, causing duplicate orders and a lot of product waste. The hand held devices cause the delay of orders to our kitchen and bar, negatively impacting our guests. The credit card swipes on the hand held units have never worked. Oracle has still not come up with a solution after 2 years. Battery life is another issue. We were promised 6-8 hours between charges. We get three at best. • The “end of night” server reports are inaccurate. There are several glitches causing inaccurate data. The glitches occur when they are splitting checks, payments drop off of their “end of night” report. Our servers do not trust their reports and spend a lot of time recalculating. • The back of the house sales report is inaccurate and has never made sense. Occasionally the computer randomly drops sales tax from one of the server guest checks. Accounting and IT has spent hundreds of hours trying to find and fix these errors, without success. We have made many attempts to try to make this system work, including conversations with Oracle sales team and support. They have been completely ineffective in solving any of their systems short comings. In our opinion, our installation has never been completed. We were left with the dysfunctional equipment and inaccurate reports right from the beginning. If we are unable to resolve our problems we will be forced to look for a new POS system that is able to handle our restaurants’ needs.

Cassandra Jensen Kling
Micros POS review
We have Micros Simphony. If I could give it zero stars, I would. Horrible system, not user friendly, crashes constantly and tech support is nonexistent.