Should I Get Pet Insurance?

NickSep 6, 2016

I’ll never forget the day my seven-year-old son came running into the living room to tell me there was something wrong with our dog Buddy. (Admittedly at the time I was more interested in the game.)

“What do you mean he can’t breathe?” I asked with one eye on 4th and 1.

I went out back to find our normally active little Pomeranian on his side gasping for air. There was something lodged in his throat that I couldn’t see so I wasted no time in getting him to the emergency vet.

When we got there Dr. Aziz was able to facilitate Buddy’s breathing but she informed me whatever he’d ingested was now in his stomach and Buddy would most likely need gastrointestinal foreign body surgery. I didn’t hesitate, I said do it!

Dr. Aziz then asked me if Buddy was covered by pet insurance. The surgery was going to cost $3000! This put me in a position I never wanted to be in, actually measuring my finances against Buddy’s life.

Truth is I simply didn’t have $3000 lying around and we’d have to pay for the surgery on a credit card…putting my wife and I further into debt.

This was all because I’d been putting off getting pet insurance for two years. My reason was I thought the process would be a hassle, I thought of dealing with insurance sales reps trying to upsell me, I thought of having to give out my personal info, credit card number, etc. and I just kept procrastinating.

Long story short Dr. Aziz successfully removed the foreign body from Buddy and the plastic Pokémon figurine now occupies a place of honor on my desk.

That night I decided to finally bite the bullet and look into pet insurance. I first looked at Healthy Paws because of their high customer satisfaction ratings and the fact that they were rated #1 four years running. 

To my embarrassment, I immediately realized the thing I’d been putting off was actually a piece of cake. Healthy Paws asked me for 5 things: Buddy’s name, his breed, his age, my zip code and my email.

That was it.  I didn’t have to give my credit card number, I wasn’t shuffled to a sales rep, and I’d gotten a quote for Buddy in about 30 seconds. No joke.

Now Buddy’s vet bills covered up to 90% and I’ll never again be put in a position where I have to weigh my little guy’s life against money concerns.

I also won’t have to worry if he swallows any more Pokémons. (Don’t worry, as soon as I got home we swept the house and made sure to put them all where Buddy can’t get to them!)

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