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Pet Trackers - Do you know where your pets are?

Sam NiccollsApr 25, 2015

Studies show that 1 in every 3 pets in America will get lost in their lifetime. Thankfully, technology has evolved such that proactive pet parents now have the GPS-based tools to be more proactive than ever before in both the prevention & recover of lost pets.

According to the First National Lost Pet Survey conducted by The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), only a small percentage of pets found in shelters belonged to a family. And only 2% of cat owners and 6% of dog owners actually found their pets at an animal shelter.

93% of lost dogs and 75% of lost cats were able to return safely to their families. This is certainly heartwarming, but what happens to the estimated 7% of dogs and 25% of cats who were not reunited with their families?

Microchip pet trackers and identification tags where responsible for reuniting 15% of lost dogs with their owners. The benefits of using pet trackers are numerous. The hardware can store more information & collect more data about your pet's movements. And, of course, pet trackers allow pet parents to actively track your pet’s location to help them get home faster in the event that they get lost.