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Dog & Puppy Insurance

Bizhen FuJan 29, 2014

Puppies. They’re fluffy, adorable & wonderful. We know these things.

What most of us don’t know, however, is that they’re just as expensive to take care of as older dogs. In the US dogs under the age of 2 cost just as much (in terms of veterinary bills, that is) as dogs over the age of 8. That’s as surprising as it is alarming for most pet parents.

How many of us have had a dog who’s maybe eaten something they shouldn’t, run into the street, or, has been inquisitive & gotten themselves into trouble?

Well, that’s what puppies do. And when those things happen, often times dog owners are faced with expensive veterinary treatments that cost thousands.

If you wait until your puppy is older, when many people think they should get pet insurance, it’s actually too late because no pet insurance will cover a pre-existing health condition.

So check out our editor’s picks for the top 10 best pet insurance companies of the year, see which companies are right for you & ultimately get the coverage that’s right for your furry friend, but make sure you don’t wait.

Takeaway: If you're going to get pet insurance, get it early, before your dog shows any signs of health problems. Get your pet's health insurance plan early & make sure you & your adorable puppy are protected.