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Petplan is a leading provider of pet insurance in Canada and is a company dedicated to helping pet owners keep the costs of pet treatments under control. Petplan's standard plan covers new illnesses and accidents without restrictions for hereditary or congenital conditions. The company also provides a wide range of treatment options that would typically not be available in other companies' standard offers. Medications, diagnostic testing, non-preventative dental treatments, MRI, CAT Scan and ultrasound are all offered as standard as well. What's more, Petplan does not place any restrictions on older animals. Senior citizen pets have access to the same coverage limits and deductibles as younger ones.

PetPlan has over 40 years of experience covering pets worldwide and is a great choice for your furry companion at every stage of their life. 

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Petplan Canada Snapshot:

Petplan offers a fully customizable plan with annual limits of $2,500 to UNLIMITED. There are no lifetime or per-condition limits, and no age limits after your pet turns 6 weeks. You are also able to choose to apply your deductible on an annual or per-condition basis. Other notable features of Petplan plans include:

  • You can use any vet in the US or Canada
  • 70%, 80%, and 90% reimbursement options that are based on the veterinarian's actual bill.
  • Covers medications, advanced testing and hospital stays.
  • Non-routine exam fees are covered, this includes emergency and specialist hospitals.
  • Medications and advanced testing
  • Most comprehensive coverage of dental injury and treatment of periodontal disease for all teeth.
  • AARP exclusive pet insurance provider.
  • Free PetHub Lost & Found tag.
  •  24/7 "Fetch-a-Vet" helpline via PetCoach

Plan details

Type of contract

12 Months

Claim limit

Maximum annual payout $2,500 to UNLIMITED coverage


$100 to $1,000

Claims and policy price

NO increase in premiums due to claims made

Enrollment age

6 weeks and up

Waiting period

Injuries: 5 days

Illnesses: 15 days

Out of country coverage

US & Canada only

Age limit


Age Caveat

Pets six (6) years or older at the time of initial enrollment will be required to have a veterinary exam within thirty (30) days of the policy inception date.

Further Details:

Petplan policies reimburse you on the actual amount of each veterinary bill minus the deductible and up to the chosen policy limit. Deductibles reset each year when the plan is renewed and can be applied on an annual or per-condition basis. Petplan is licensed in all provinces in Canada with the exception of Quebec, and is underwritten by XL Specialty, an international insurance carrier with an extensive global presence and a S&P rating of A+.

Coverage Details



Dogs and Cats


Accidents and Injuries




Non-routine vet exams, including ER and specialists


MRI, ultrasound, CT Scans


Diagnostic Treatment


Prescriptions & Nutraceuticals


Dental (injuries and periodontal disease)






Acupuncture, stem cell, hydrotherapy, holistic treatments


ANCILLARY COVERAGE (plans w/annual coverage of $15,000 or more)


Behavioral Conditions


Lost pet advertising and reward


Boarding fees


Loss due to theft or straying


Death from covered illness/injury


Vacation cancellation


What’s not covered?

  • Pre-existing conditions when clinical signs were showing prior to the effective date of during the waiting period.
  • Routine Care
  • Vaccines
  • Pregnancy - Limited Coverage


10% Medical Assistance Pet
10% Active or Retired Military Personnel
5% Online


Petplan provides a good mix of coverage and benefit options that makes it a solid choice if you are looking for pet insurance in Canada. The company also features a number of discount options that can help pet owners make pet insurance more affordable. Petplan pretty much covers all the standard items you'd be looking for in a pet insurance provider and more. The fact that older animals are not discriminated against is a big plus, and 24/7 support, comprehensive coverage including payment of the veterinary exam fees, and great customer service are all nothing to sneeze at as well.

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Ash Nahle
Toronto, Ontario
Very fair, generous, great prices, great coverage, outstanding customer service (available 24/7 and answer within seconds). I've had no issues whatsoever with PetPlan (Canada). I've been very pleasantly surprised. Compared with other insurance companies, which I find to be unnecessarily overpriced and I hear are anal/tricky about coverage, PetPlan is very fair and has fantastic coverage. I highly recommend pet insurance, especially for dogs. I have utilized my claims without any issues. PetPlan works for me. PS: Customer Service rep Emily rocks.

Erica F
North York, Ontario
Good company. Do as they say. Not as good as trupanion. But ok. Will keep working with them for now.

Erica F
North York, Ontario
Confusing, expensive and don't cover what they say they will.

Bernard Hau
Mississauga, Ontario
Submitting claims couldn't be easier (they have an app for this!), and the support is always there when needed. Usually receives the claim in the mailbox within 1-2 weeks (if you are living in Canada). I would totally recommend my friends to join PetPlan if they have a pet at home.

Leslie Lansky
Cordova, Tennessee
My kitty Harley got sick and couldn't keep anything in his system for 4-5 days. Took him to ER and they thought they saw an object on the X-ray's. My vet diagnosed IBS/Pancreatitis. He would not eat for over 2 weeks. I had to keep going back to the vet and getting new medications to try to heal him and syringe feed him so that he would not have liver issues. I was going to get him help no matter what the cost, but having PetPlan insurance really helped!!! I was about to go to a specialist when he finally started eating. I sent in my bills and received a check in the mail within a few weeks. I have had PetPlan insurance for both of my kitties for over 6 years now and I wouldn't do without... Read More

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