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Rating: 9.9 / 10 (Excellent)
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Dashlane is the only password manager to have a US Patent for the security architecture used to protect user information. It offers the latest in online security to make password management and online checkouts quick and simple. Dashlane is designed to keep personal information secure while making it convenient for the user to login with their account information across multiple websites and platforms.

Services and Features

Dashlane offers a secure password management solution that keeps track of and secures all passwords on several devices. It also keeps your accounts more secure by helping you generate unique passwords to protect your personal accounts and identity. The password manager app keeps track of all passwords whether users access them daily or once a year. It makes this information readily available and automatically enters the passwords when needed.

Dashlane makes logging into your accounts quick and easy. Its auto-fill and auto-login features secure your important login and personal information and prevent it from being compromised on an unsecured browser. With just a few clicks, users can instantly fill personal information fields such as addresses, emails, phone numbers, names, and any payment types stored in the Secure Digital Wallet. Auto-fill also works seamlessly with the software’s Password Generator making new accounts on any website in a safe, simple, and fast way.

Dashlane also comes with instant security alerts which notify a user when a website suffers a breach. Dashlane’s constant security monitoring keeps users informed by sending this through their devices. Information includes which accounts and passwords might have been affected by the breach. 

Dashlane’s Password Generator Tool help users create unique passwords. It is also equipped with a password changer that auto-changes passwords across hundreds of websites in a single click. Its secure backup and sync feature keeps passwords up to date across all devices. It automatically syncs after a user make changes or additions with their login details. In case a device has been lost, users may backup their passwords and recover their backup by simply logging into Dashlane using another device.

Plans Offered

Dashlane Free

Price: $0


  • Generate and save strong, unique passwords
  • Change passwords instantly
  • Unlimited password storage on your favorite device
  • Security monitoring services and breach alerts

Dashlane Premium

Price: $3.33/mo. (billed annually)


  • Generate and save strong, unique passwords
  • Change passwords instantly
  • Unlimited password storage on your favorite device
  • Secure monitoring services and breach alerts
  • Sync passwords and data across devices
  • Secure account backup
  • Priority VIP support
  • Unlimited password sharing
  • Two-factor authentication (U2F)

Dashlane Business

Price: $4/user/mo. (for 1 to 50 users)

          $3.33/user/mo. (for 51-100 users)


  • Centralized admin console
  • Security reporting
  • SAML and MSI deployment
  • End-to-end AES-256 encryption
  • Smart Space Management
  • Password sharing with groups
  • Activity directory integration
  • Dedicated account manager (only for 51-100 users)

Types of Password Manager

Web-Based Service

Token-Based Hardware Device

Locally-Installed Software








Mobile App

Auto Fill and Auto Login

Secure Sharing

Two-Factor Authentication

Password Generation

Personal Data Protection

Browser Integration

File Attachments

AES 256 Encryption


Security Audit

Security Alerts


Plan Details

Free Desktop Version

Free Trial

30 days

Money Back Guarantee

30 days

Cost Per Subscription

Free: $0

Premium: $3.33/mo.


Security Monitoring


Video Tutorials

Knowledge Center

Live Chat



Password Manager at Dashlane

Dashlane makes managing and securing your passwords quick and easy. Its password management features enables users to quickly enter their account details while bringing an added layer of security. Users can also make easy changes to their personal accounts and instantly sync this information across all devices. Overall, Dashlane is our top choice for password management. It excels both in security and convenience which is what password management applications should be all about.  

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8 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Roy R
Chicago, Illinois
Doesn't seem to be ANY WAY to contact the company - even with the paid premium account. What kind of company has NO technical support offered? Have had problems with syncing and can't speak to anyone about how to resolve it!

Zion, Illinois
They are only interested in your money. Be careful. No money no sign up.

Nonie S
Ocean City, Maryland
There is no support for this program. So if you think you can wing it for yourselves, good luck. Our system has been down for over a week and there is no support telephone numbers or emails. The standard boilerplate emails are returned when you ask them a question. No response.

Sue B
Sandstone, Minnesota
A recent update has removed the ability to bookmark pages on my android phone & there's currently no way to recover the pages previously bookmarked. There was no warning this was going to happen (that I'm aware of) so this is a great loss to me. Also, autofill frequently quits working on some sites with no explanation. Customer Support, which is normally excellent, hasn't been able to explain this problem & it's very annoying when that's supposed to be one of their best features. It does seem to be working fine on the laptop. I've also noticed that the password generator doesn't work on sites that require symbols to be used in a password.

Kentville, Nova Scotia
i have 4 computers use by 2 seniors am i covered under 1 licence one in the basement 1 in living room?

Betty A
Houston, Texas
I have spent HOURS AND HOURS trying to sort out and correct my passwords since downloading DASHLANE. it is horrible continually generating passwords without my request for that action.... hate it.

Chris L
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Dashlane is very good, but I think you should include custom fields as a reviewed feature. Dashlane does not have them while some others (eg: LastPass, KeePass, 1Password) do. Chuck Z: you can keep using the product for free but it won't sync across multiple devices. This could lead to passwords being wrong. For example, if you change a password on your laptop and then later use that site on your phone, your phone will still have the old password.

Chuck Z
Palm Coast, Florida
not free for long stopped working and wanted my to pay $4 dollars a mo and logged out to often and did not put in right passworn had to keep corecting

Top Rated
Our Partner
9.9 / 10
  • Only password manager with US Patent for its security architecture
  • Generate unique passwords
  • Instant security alerts
  • Change dozens of passwords with one click
  • Quick, secure signing across multiple platforms
  • Auto-fill forms, auto-login to your favorite websites
  • 2017 Webby Award People’s Voice award in the Mobile Sites/Apps>Services & Utilities category