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Rating: 8.7 / 10 (Excellent)
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SurveyClub is an online market research company that allows users to earn an extra income by participating in surveys. The online platform enables individuals to help shape future products of other organizations by joining in their research studies.

Features and Services

SurveyClub provides a free membership paid survey service which is available throughout Australia, UK, Canada, and US. By joining at SurveyClub, users can work with big corporations in different industries which need their opinions for the improvement of their products or services. Members can also take free surveys for some companies that interest them.

From time to time, SurveyClub conducts its own survey and pays consistently when a user qualifies. Payments vary from the length of each survey that the online platform or other companies handle. Compensation from research activities can be in the form of gift cards, cash, prizes, or sweepstakes entry.

There are two types of panels from which users can choose, blind and branded custom panels. Blind custom panels deal with specific topics without revealing the company behind the study. A branded custom panel is arranged publicly and shows the company’s brand and products. Usually, qualified panelists earn $50 to $200 per hour, which is a lot higher than normal survey compensations.

Survey Types

Online Surveys

Focus Groups

Telephone Surveys

Mobile Surveys

Video Surveys

Teen Surveys

Business Surveys

IT Surveys

Daily Surveys

Other Market Research Activities

Not Stated

Reward System

Amazon Gift Cards

Donation To Charity

Home Depot Gift Cards

Not Stated

iTunes Gift Cards

Not Stated

Starbucks Gift Cards

Not Stated

Retail E-Vouchers

Not Stated

Walmart Gift Cards

Not Stated

Restaurant Gift Cards

Not Stated

Visa Prepaid Cards

Not Stated

Movie Vouchers

Not Stated

Sweepstakes Entries

Loyalty Program

Not Stated

Referral Program

Not Stated

Payment Method

Points System

Not Stated

Earnings Per Survey Completed

Not Stated

Points for Disqualification

Not Stated

Minimum Threshold Required

Not Stated

Redemption Processing

Not Stated




Country/State of Residence

USA, Canada, UK, and Australia


At least 13 years or older

Customer Support




Knowledge Center

SurveyClub – Bottom Line

If you are into paid surveys that offer good compensation, then we suggest that you try SurveyClub’s marketing research studies.

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8.7 / 10
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