Nielsen Digital Voice Paid Surveys Review

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Nielsen Digital Voice has a large network of US households that helps businesses and consumers discover the latest internet trends. The company focuses on developing the digital world with its member’s help. Members in turn are compensated with rewards such as sweepstakes entries.

Features and Services

Nielsen Digital Voice allows users to download and install their application where they can surf the internet and earn sweepstakes entries. Other than sweepstakes entries, they also let their members donate their earnings to charities sponsored by the service provider.

A monthly draw of $100,000 is offered for members to win in sweepstakes. They also have an annual sweepstakes prize of $120,000 which users can attain by entering their contest.

Nielsen Digital Voice’s “NetSight” software has the ability to track a user’s computer usage even if it is offline or online. It encrypts the information and automatically sends it to Nielsen. Nielsen’s website shows detailed information of what has been collected in the software which includes the names of the application that has been used and websites that has been visited.

Survey Types

Online Surveys

Focus Groups

Telephone Surveys

Mobile Surveys

Video Surveys

Teen Surveys

Business Surveys

IT Surveys

Daily Surveys

Other Market Research Activities

Browser add-ons

Reward System

Amazon Gift Cards

Donation To Charity

Home Depot Gift Cards

iTunes Gift Cards

Starbucks Gift Cards

Retail E-Vouchers

Walmart Gift Cards

Restaurant Gift Cards

Visa Prepaid Cards

Movie Vouchers

Sweepstakes Entries

Up to $10,000 each month

Loyalty Program

Referral Program

Payment Method

Points System

No Points System

Earnings Per Survey Completed

1 survey = 1 sweepstake entry

Points for Disqualification

Minimum Threshold Required

Not Stated

Redemption Processing

Not Stated




Country/State of Residence

USA, Switzerland, Brazil, Australia, China, New Zealand, UK, Spain, Italy, German, and France


Must be at least 18 years old

Customer Support




Knowledge Center

Nielsen Digital Voice – Bottom Line

Nielsen Digital Voice may be the best pick if you are fond of installing and using applications on your computer in exchange for prizes and other incentives.  

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