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eBay Online Shopping Review

Rating: 9.9 / 10 (Excellent)
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eBay is an e-commerce company with headquarters in San Jose, California. It offers consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumers sales services online and currently operates in over 30 countries. eBay’s e-commerce site gives consumers access to a wide variety of products and services worldwide. It also has an auction-style sale feature, online advertisements and online event ticket trading among other services.  This service is free for buyers but charges sellers for listing items and when items are sold.

Services and Features

eBay is an e-commerce site that allows sellers to advertise their products to a larger customer base. It offers an online auction features that allows customers or bidders to compete for the different items posted. Sellers can market their items through different search items or promote it internally.  

eBay also provides protection option for buyers allowing them to block unwanted buyers. It comes with an arbitrator resolution center for invalid transactions in violation by and part of the terms and agreement either caused by the buyer or seller.

eBay charges sellers a 10% commission on the overall cost of each transaction. It also has three store subscription selections; Basic, Premium and Anchor. An entire subscription ranges from $19.95 monthly and $299.95 yearly.

Store subscription has no additional listing fees but listing upgrades come with an additional charge.  Each subscription upgrade usually ranges from 10 cents up to $4. Sellers are also charged fees to for continuous  advertising of their products.

Services and Features

Free Shipping

International Shipping

Returns and Reimbursement

Order Tracking

Online Gift Coupons

Account Management

Products Offered









Wellness Essentials

Electronic Device

Musical Instruments

Home Structure Parts


Vehicle Accessories

Discounts and Promos

Membership Discounts

Monthly Promos

Seasonal Discounts

Loyalty Programs

Gift Cards

Plan and Pricing

Additional Shipping Rates

By Item - $7.75-$9.75 ; By Weight $7.50 plus $0.50 per pound ;

By Surcharge $7.50++

Length of Delivery

Same business day - 30 business days

Free Shipping Minimum Purchase


Type of Payments


Credit Card

Accumulated Points

Store Card


Reward and Gift Cards

Online Shopping at eBay

eBay earned top marks in our list because of the different e-commerce features it offers for both buyers and sellers. The e-commerce site has a friendly interface that makes searching for items quick and easy. Its auction style selling feature, can be a win-win for both buyers and sellers. This allows buyers to shop for bargains while giving sellers the opportunity to make more profits by allowing buyers to compete for their item.

Top Rated
Our Partner
9.9 / 10
  • Free Shipping
  • Big Discounts
  • Auction Style Selling
  • Guaranteed Selling Price
  • Select from the Biggest Brands
  • Wide Variety of Gift Cards
  • 24-hour Delivery

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