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Rating: 7.3 / 10 (Very good)
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LIFT Session is an online personal training platform based in Montreal, Québec. They launched in early 2016 with one chief objective in mind: making fitness accessible. Their scheduled sessions are all live and can be done as a group or one-on-one with a large selection of coaches.

How is LIFT Session rated?


Workout Program

Overall Rating: 7.3 / 10 (Very good)

LIFT Session's main feature and appeal are its live, scheduled sessions where, be it alone or in a group, a coach can offer suggestions in real time. That means customers can feel more connected to their coach(es) and are less likely to make mistakes. Where LIFT Session falls behind, however, is its lack of additional features and support services. Moreover, its reputation outside of a few Facebook reviews leaves much to be desired.

LIFT Session Workout Program

Workout Program - 8.5 / 10

LIFT Session workouts are divided into three categories, but all of them are live, last for 30 minutes, require no equipment, and work on the whole body. Redline (RL), which are high-intensity interval training sessions to improve anaerobic capacity, Metapower (MP), which focuses on muscle strength, and Regen (RG), which includes exercises that improve range of motion and mobility, like yoga classes. Customers can look at a calendar of scheduled classes and reserve their spot as long as there is still room and they have sessions left. Also, LIFT Session has a corporate program to promote wellness among coworkers. Unfortunately, they have no nutritional program and do not issue meal plans or diets.
Type of Program
Dynamic or Static Strength Training
Low Intensity
Interval Training
Workout Time
Fitness Level
Target Area
Full Body

Support and Extra Services

One-on-One Sessions

Additional Equipment

  • No

LIFT Session Pricing

Pricing - 5 / 10

LIFT offers two methods of payment: a subscription-based model and session packages. Group training and personal training subscriptions have three options each, where you get a limited amount of sessions per month. Only one of the group training programs offers unlimited courses. Packages include 5, 10, or 20 individual sessions with no cancellation fees, but they expire after a year. LIFT provides one free scheduled session to new accounts so customers can get a feel for the service. Subscriptions to Group classes range from a monthly $48 (4 sessions) to $99 (unlimited sessions), while Individual ones are between $155 (4 sessions) and $359 (12 sessions).

Contract Details

Contract Details
Group subscription can be either Basic (4 sessions and $48 per month), Unlimited (unlimited sessions and $99 per month), or Premium (8 sessions and $79 per month). Group session packages are $75 for a 5-pack, $135 for a 10-pack, and $240 for a 20-pack. Personal subscriptions can be either Select (4 sessions and $48 per month), Premium (4 sessions and $48 per month), or Premium+ (4 sessions and $48 per month). Personal session packages are $195 for a 5-pack, $360 for a 10-pack, and $660 for a 20-pack.

Special Offers

  • Group Fees
  • Free Sessions

LIFT Session Reputation

Reputation - 7 / 10

Although LIFT Sessions has testimonials on its page, it was nearly the only system of customer feedback we found. They have no BBB or Trust Pilot rating, and although their coaches are said to be "elite" and "world-class," there was no way to confirm what associations they were accredited by. Fortunately, we did manage to find reviews on their Facebook page, and they were very positive.

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Company Profile

Full Name
LIFT Session Online Personal Trainer
Company Website
147 Rue St-Paul West, Suite 105, Montreal

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