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Mutual of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance Review

Rating: 9.5 / 10 (Excellent)
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Mutual of Omaha offers a large amount of policies and plans that are designed to meet individual needs and budgets. These come with different features that ensure your long term care plan is able to handle future needs. Inflation protection, calendar based elimination periods and its spouse security benefit options are just some of the reasons why Mutual of Omaha’s policies should be a top contender for people searching for long term care insurance.


Mutual of Omaha has among the lowest premiums for similar featured plans in our reviews. Its 3 year maximum benefit period for 60 year olds is $100 daily. Enrolling in an inflation protected plan however doubles the amount of yearly premiums for those without inflation protection.

Mutual of Omaha offers a 5 percent compound 20 years cap option that gives you the benefit of a 5 percent compound inflation-protection for 20 years. This is great especially for 60 and 70 year olds who want to preserve the monetary value of their benefits.


Plans Available


State Partnership






Non-tax Qualified Policies


Tax qualified Policies



Types of care covered

Assisted living

Nursing home care

Hospice care

Adult day care centers

Home health care



Waiting Period – Up to 1 year

Maximum Benefit Period – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 years

Home care – 100 percent cover


Elimination or waiting periods are commonly “service” based. This means that only days where actual care has been rendered are counted in the elimination period. Mutual of Omaha uses the calendar method which basically makes it simple to compute elimination periods. Hence, policy holders are able to enjoy their benefits is a faster and timely fashion.

Mutual of Omaha has another great feature which allows policy holders to provide long term care support for their spouses who fail to qualify for long term care insurance. It rewards you with an additional 60 percent of your monthly benefits.

Another interesting offer from Mutual of Omaha is its Cash Alternative option. This comes in handy especially for people who require long term care but do not necessarily need the services of licensed professionals. By choosing this option, policy holders are able to control the amount of monthly benefits they receive. If care is provided by a friend or family member for example, less expense is incurred thus a lower monthly benefit is needed. Rather than receiving the maximum financial benefits for 3 years, they could stretch this by asking for lower monthly benefits, no receipts and no questions asked.

Financial Rating

A.M. Best – A+

(The company has demonstrated superior overall performance and has a very strong ability to meet its obligations to policyholders over a long period of time.)


One of the first considerations when choosing a Long Term Care service is the company’s financial situation. We should remember that these financial instruments are designed to provide help decades into the future and it is important that you work with a stable company that will be around for the long haul. Mutual of Omaha is one such company with solid ratings from AM Best, Standard and Poors and Moody’s. 





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Customer Comments & Reviews

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
MOO offers a 40% Cash Alternative... "Custom Solution", which allows the insured to opt for a max of $2,400 month (plus inflation). In loue of their monthly reimbursement amount. (Balance stays in the policy's pool of money for future use. Reality can be the real test of a contract. Cash is king with Home Care... THE most prevalent form of LTC by far. My parent's are receiving care from a NON-licensed home care person, paid by the carrier... for the past three years. This would not be covered with most Traditional LTCi carriers.

Greensboro, North Carolina
Slow to pay, took two months before I received payment for in home care for my husband for the month of April and May . Here it is the second week in August, still waiting to be paid for June and July. The agency expects payment from me, I am on a fixed income, if I could afford to pay this out of my pocket I wouldn't need this insurance.. Each month I have to get on the phone to push Mutual of Omaha for a check, this adds more stress to a already stressed out life as a caregiver for husband who has Alzheimer's. Choose someone else for your insurance provider.

David W
Tokyo, Tokyo
I am looking for LTCI products for my wife and me. I am 63 and my wife is 62, both in excellent health.

KAthleen P
Stephenson, Virginia
TErrible customer service. MY husband and I had a long term care policy with the spousal shared benefit. HE died in 2/16. THe policy states that if you have the spousal,shared benefit and one spouse dies while the policy is in effect the full remaining benefits on the policy of the deceased spouse will be added to the policy of the remaining spouse. THe annual,statement they sent in 2/17 does not reflect his unused benefits being added to my policy. INnaddition even though I have the 5% inflation rider the statement for 2017 showing the daily benefit for various levels of care shows no increase in benefits over the 2016 statement. I have written to them with no response. COmplaint... Read More

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