Rating: 8 / 10 (Very good)
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The Invisible Orthodontist is a chain of orthodontic clinics located in California that fits patients for Invisalign-brand braces. The chain is owned by TIO International Pty Ltd, a privately-held Australian company based in Adelaide. Patients can book appointments online to see one of their orthodontists to determine whether they are candidates for invisible braces and for follow-up care.

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Overall Rating: 8 / 10 (Very good)

The Invisible Orthodontist aims at establishing a branded chain of orthodontic clinics where patients can go to get Invisalign-brand invisible braces. At present, the company's US operations are limited to California. The chief limitations to this model are geographic (California only) and the mode of patient care delivery (in-person only). There are a lot of people within those limitations who could benefit from the company's services. But until some of those limitations are transcended, The Invisible Orthodontist will be an invisible option for most people seeking clear aligner braces.

The Invisible Orthodontist Product Specs

Product Specs - 8 / 10

The Invisible Orthodontist offers Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, and Invisalign Express braces. The teen braces have a built-in compliance indicator. Invisalign Express braces are prescribed for people who want a relatively minor tooth adjustment in a comparatively short time. These product specs are on par with those of most other Invisalign providers.
Service Options
Office Visit
Types of Alignment Trays
Full Mouth
Short Term

Additional Features

  • Appointment planning
  • First appointment free

The Invisible Orthodontist Pricing

Pricing - 8 / 10

The Invisible Orthodontist points out that each patient is unique and that it offers a bespoke treatment plan for each person, so prices will vary with the patient. However, the company also claims that relatively minor adjustments can be done for as little as $1900. Major realignments "start" at $4500, with no clear indication given as to what the top-end pricing is. While the low-end figure is reasonable, mail-order braces companies are underselling them—but don't offer the same in-person service that The Invisible Orthodontist does.
Price Range
$1900–$4500, or higher.
Financing Available

The Invisible Orthodontist Customer Experience

Customer Experience - 8 / 10

The Invisible Orthodontist is indeed invisible online. We could find no online customer reviews of the organization. It's not listed with the BBB or TrustPilot. It maintains a Facebook page, but it contains no reviews. The company's website provides no information about its corporate history. Consequently, it's not possible to make any assessment of its reputation or what actual customers think of its services. Since the company operates by licensing orthodontic clinics to use its name and resources, questions about hours of operation and means of communication vary with the chosen clinic.
Customer Service Hours
Customer service hours vary depending on which clinic the customer visits.
States of Operation
California. Other locations in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK

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Full Name
The Invisible Orthodontist Invisible Braces
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9.9 / 10
  • FREE online assessment
  • 60% less expensive than many other options
  • Monthly financing or single one-time payment
  • Features at-home impression kit
  • Visit SmileShop for professional scan
  • BPA-free invisible aligners