Identity Protect Identity Theft Protection Review

Rating: 8.9 / 10 (Excellent)
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Identity Protect is an identity theft protection service that offers consumers a variety of tools for monitoring and securing their financial profile. This includes credit reporting and monthly monitoring though TransUnion Interactive, Inc. and CSIdentity Corporation. This comes with an up to $1 million loss protection guarantee that reimburses all expenses associated with identity theft recovery.

What Does It Protect?

  • Checking Accounts
  • Investment Accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Social Security Cards
  • Driver’s License
  • Bank Accounts
  • Personal Information
  • Information in the Internet
  • Social Media Site Reputation 
  • Spouse and Child Protection




Fraud Alerts


Credit Freeze

Gives Assistance

Reimbursement Insurance

Yes up to $1 Million


Gives Assistance


Gives Assistance



Identity Theft Recovery Specialists

Team of dedicated specialists helps to work on a customer’s behalf recover their identity

3 Bureau Credit Reports, Scores, and Monitoring

Gives customers access to their credit reports and scores online from three major credit Bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, Equifax

Credit Fraud Consultation

Allows consumers to get consultation about credit fraud

Change of Address Report and Monitoring

Monitors and gives report for any sudden change of client’s address

Cancelling or Replacing Credit Cards, Driver's License, Social Security Cards, Insurance, Cards and More

Provides assistance for cancelling or replacing a list of identification cards

Internet or Dark Web Surveillance Monitoring

Patrols the web to find unauthorized information  and notify consumers for any suspicious activity on their accounts

Loan Matching Concierge Service

Offers loan matching service to customers

Social Security Trace Report

Gives report for any trace of consumer’s social security number

Loss Protection Guarantee

Helps restore a customer’s account and identity up to $1 Million (varies on the client’s program)

Social Media Site Reputation Monitoring

Monitors information displayed in social media websites

Checking Account Open Warning

Alerts customers when a checking account has been open

Court and Criminal One-Time Report and On-going Monitoring

Gives one-time report on criminal and court information as well as monitors it continuously

Investment Account Monitoring

Monitors a consumer’s investment account

Reduction of unwanted email and postal mail

Reduces spam or unwanted email and postal mail

Password Encryption

Military-grade encryption that securely protects a customer’s passwords on all of their accounts



Standard Plan

Advantage Plan

Ultimate Plan

$9.16 per month

($109.89 when billed annually)

$18.32 per month

($219.89 when billed annually)

$27.49 per month

($329.89 when billed annually)

$10,000 Loss Protection Guarantee

$25,000 Loss Protection Guarantee

$1 Million Loss Protection Guarantee

Ultimate Membership Bonuses

  • Checking Account Open Warning
  • Investment Account Monitoring
  • Social Media Site Reputation Monitoring
  • Add Your Spouse and Children at No Extra Cost
  • Court and Criminal One-Time Report and On-going Monitoring
  • Reduction of Unwanted Email and Postal Mail
  • “What If” Simulator that estimates different credit score from changes in payment or loan activity from Trans Union
  • Credit Score and Report from all 3 Bureaus

Bottom Line

Identity Protect offers comprehensive protection for your personal and financial profile. Its identity theft protection features does not only protect you against unauthorized access to your financial profile but also helps you monitor your credit status with its monthly credit reports. And in cases where your personal information is compromised, the company’s Loss Protection Guarantee provides invaluable help in restoring and reimbursing expenses associated with recovering your identity.

Our Partner
8.9 / 10
  • Up to $1 Million Loss Protection Guarantee
  • Military-grade password encryption
  • Credit score tracker from Trans Union
  • Free spouse and child protection (Ultimate)
  • Identity theft recovery specialists