Rexton Hearing Aids Review

Rating: 7.1 / 10 (Very good)
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Rexton has developed hearing technology that has quality speech understanding, durability, and personalization which delivers wearing comfort. The company offers behind-the-ear, completely in the canal, and in the ear hearing aid.

Services and Features

Rexton offers different hearing aid products and accessories that help you to improve your hearing. This firm will help you identify on deciding which hearing aid product will suit you. They will consider the degree of hearing impairment, technology, everyday life, and even one or two ear assessment.

Rexton Finesse 2c is powered by TwinCore technology that can create a high-definition sound. It also has a built-in-telecoil feature that allows user to connect their hearing aid to compatible phones and hearing systems. Rexton Finesse 2c can process sound input and delivers amplification up to 10 kHz.

Rexton Strata 2c hearing aid has Rexton’s C-Grid wax protection system to prevent harmful cerumen that can damage the internal components. It also has a smart automatic environment manager that can classify sound into 5 distinct environmental categories to optimize volume, noise reduction and directionality.  

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Hearing Aid at Rexton

Rexton makes it a good choice for customers that are looking for handy yet quality hearing devices. Their 360-degree focus hearing aids makes hearing impaired person feel less self-conscious and comfortable.

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Latest Rexton Reviews

edgar n
Eastsound, Washington

After 2 years use I remain "iffy" about these units. The whole gearing aid business borders on scam with the exorbitant prices they and how difficult it is to actually get comparitive reviews online. I shopped around a lot and finally settled on Costco/Rexton for the price, service and because the units essentially had the same tech specs as Siemans top ie most expensive , brand.. In two years, the units had to be sent to "repair" after failing on two separate occasions. Both times they were returned with a notation referring to replacement parts within for not being up to standard. That was fine - they were under warranty. Then one failed the third time... Now it was... Read More