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ReSound is an international developer and manufacturer of innovative hearing healthcare devices. They offer hearing solutions that helps people to rediscover hearing and adapt to the digital world.

Services and Features

Resound manufactures hearing aid that helps you to rediscover your hearing sense. It can prevent deterioration of your ability to interpret and relearn sounds.  Resound hearing aids can also be automated and connected using your iPhones and Apple watches.

Resound’s Enzo and LiNX 2 hearing aid has a capability to connect to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and android devices.  It has controllable settings wherein you can set speech focus, reduce background noise and wind noise using sound enhancer app. 

Resound provides reading material and help support available on their website. You can browse for the manual guide and watch video tutorials to learn the product features and basic troubleshooting.  Resound also offers their ReSound Smart App wherein it lets users to control and adjust hearing aid setting to match your listening preferences.  

Hearing Aid Styles






Invisible Hearing Aid

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Moderately Severe



Online Hearing Test


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Help, Support and Usability

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2-3 Years

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Hearing Aid at Resound

Resound is a good choice when shopping for hearing aid because it can help users to relieve tinnitus and has the capability to set environmental settings using smart phone devices.

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