MasterShield Gutter Guard Review

Rating: 9.2 / 10 (Excellent)
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MasterShield is a brand name of MGP Manufacturing, LLC, a manufacturer and installer of micro mesh gutter guards. In addition to its standard gutter guards, the company offers copper-framed guards that are compatible with copper gutters and heated gutter guards that are designed to prevent snow and ice build-ups. Installation is available through a dealer network and estimates are free.

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Services & Features

Overall Rating: 9.2 / 10 (Excellent)

MasterShield has created micro mesh gutter guards that differ from most of its competitors' products by virtue of the fact that they are installed at the same pitch as the roof. The company claims that this system helps prevent debris from accumulating on the top of the guards, does not contribute to overshoot, and does not void roof warranties. The company offers a lifetime, transferrable, no-clog warranty, suggesting that it has a great deal of confidence in the superiority of its system. Overall, this company appears to be on the leading edge of technology in the gutter guard industry and to stand behind its product.


Guard Types & Details

Guard Types
Micro Mesh
Attachment Methods
Under Shingle

Specifications - 9.4 / 10

MasterShield manufactures steel micro mesh gutter guards that are set in an aluminum frame. The guards are designed to be installed at the same pitch as the roof, promoting better self-cleaning and minimizing overshoot. Though the system mounts just under the leading edge of the row of shingles, the company has convincingly refuted concerns about whether this installation technique voids roof warranties, concluding that it does not. They are one of the few companies on our list that also offer heated guards, especially useful in cold climates, where gutters can frequently freeze over.

Services & Features

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Installation Options
Professionally Installed

Services & Features - 9 / 10

MasterShield gutter guards are professionally installed by the company's dealer network, with a 100% money back guarantee should they ever clog. Additionally, should the clog cause damage and make a homeowner claimable against their home warranty policy, MasterShield refunds their deductible up to $1,500. No information is available as to what services their dealers offer, as these may vary depending on each company.

MasterShield Pricing

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Free Online Estimate / Quote
Free Installation
Financing Available


Length of Warranty
Transferrable Warranty

Pricing - 9 / 10

As with many other gutter guard companies, MasterShield does not publish a price list, since each installation is unique and depends on a number of different factors which can significantly raise the price. However, the company does offer free quotes through its dealer network. These should not be taken as final, since they represent an estimate and not a complete proposal.

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Reputation - 9.5 / 10

MasterShield has a B+ rating from the BBB, which is based in part on their time in business. However, many of the company's local dealers also have BBB ratings, generally of A+. The business has no presence on TrustPilot. Though there isn't a lot of online information available about the company, all of it is positive.

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(877) 281-8489
Headquarters Address
83 2nd Ave, Paterson, NJ, 07514

Top Rated
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9.9 / 10
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Latest MasterShield Reviews

Jeff M

I've had multiple gutter guard type products on my gutters over the years. These are decent; water goes into them and they served me well for a couple years, without any maintenance. That said, I thought I was buying a product that'd never clog, and their "no clog" guarantee is arguably quite deceptive, because what they're guaranteeing is that the gutter itself will not clog, not that their product (the gutter guard itself) won't clog. When the latter happens, they'll give you a quote for cleaning them or tell you to use carb cleaner or strong bleach to clean your gutters yourself. Excuse me? I thought the whole point was that I wouldn't have to mess with my gutters again. I paid over a... Read More