Teletrac Fleet Tracking Software Review

Rating: 6.3 / 10 (Very good)
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Teletrac fleet tracking is a GPS based fleet and tracking software designed to answer your fleet tracking needs. The company does this by providing a variety of fleet tracking features that include real-time tracking, diagnostics and business reporting. Teletrac currently powers 20,000 fleets across different industries. Teletrac fleet tracking software helps monitor more than 200,000 vehicles across the globe in more than 80 countries.



Teletrac Fleet Tracking software offers several features designed to simplify fleet management. It provides real-time management of all your vehicles and driver information and displays this in an easy to use interface. It offers managers the ability to communicate with their drivers enabling them to manage each every aspect of their business effectively.


Advantages of using Teletrac Fleet Tracking software include real-time information on your vehicle’s location. It also offers optimized routes for better fuel efficiency, faster delivery times and lower vehicle maintenance costs.   


Vehicle Tracking Capabilities

Fleet size – for small, medium and large fleets

Location, speed and direction information

GPS based tracking

Real-time management center

Maps used – built-in Google mapping

Emergency notification – involvement in accidents, hazards

Mobile management – easy access to all information on your mobile device

Fuel card reconciliation – identify suspicious transactions or unauthorized use of fuel card


Driver data

Traffic conditions

Route calculations/ arrival time

Driver ID

Driver’s route – route optimization feature

Time management

Text and email messaging


Vehicle maintenance

Fuel management

Inspection management

Mileage reporting



Customer support rating – 4/5

Availability – working hours



Teletrac Fleet Tracking software provides fleet managers an effective tool for monitoring and tracking their fleets in real-time while offering two-way communication capabilities for smoother operation. It allows you to customize reports enabling you to identify areas that need improvement and what works best for your business.





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Richland, Washington
Teletrac systems seem superb, unfortunately, the install process was a nightmare. Based on my experience, if I were simply rating the overall install process, Teletrac would have received a zero star, or 1-star (lowest possible rating) as it has taken from October 2015 until nearly the end of February (install was just finished last week) to finally get the installs correctly completed. It has required 3 trips total to finish the installs, the tech was less than careful with his tools and left some minor damage to the cosmetics of my dash but finally the installs are complete. The very first tech stole $75.00 from my vehicle and did not complete the job due to faulty equipment. He did... Read More

Top Rated
9.8 / 10
  • Mobile management
  • Automated reporting
  • Flexible GPS hardware options
  • Advanced large fleet reporting
  • Route optimization
  • Satellite imagery