NexTraq Fleet Tracking Software Review

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Nex Traq Fleet Tracking software is a cost-effective tool for managing and tracking vehicles that helps improve profitability while helping businesses cut operational costs. Next Traq Fleet Tracking software uses GPS technology to track each vehicle in your fleet giving you real-time status updates. This software is highly flexible giving you the option to display the information you need and generate reports to improve every aspect of your business.



Nex Traq Fleet Tracking software offers a variety of features designed to help managers keep track of their assets through GPS technology. Information includes real-time location, Geofencing, route display and two-way communication capability. It offers an insight into your drivers, helping you keep monitor speed and driving attitude. Get instant notifications and send out messages via email or text messages.

The system is designed to handle every type of business that ranges from a small number of vehicles to entire fleets. Monitor individual vehicle mileage, fuel consumption and schedule maintenance. Nex Traq also supports a dispatching feature that helps managers assign new routes and jobs. GPS tracking features allows you to assign the nearest drivers saving you valuable resources which providing you time-sensitive decision making to improve turn-around times and customer service in general.


Vehicle Tracking Capabilities

Fleet size – for small, medium and large fleets

Tracking devices – 32 point Geofencing technology

Emergency notification – involvement in accidents, hazards

Mobile management – easy access to all information on your mobile device

Real-time reports

Dispatching, job scheduling


Driver data

Driver’s route – route optimization feature

DriveGuard – prevents talking, texting, email and surfing while driving

Communicate with your workers through two-way messaging, forms, work orders and commercial navigation

Driver ID

Fuel card reconciliation – identify suspicious transactions or unauthorized use of fuel card


Vehicle maintenance

Fuel management

Maintenance scheduling

Mileage reporting



Customer support rating – 4/5

Availability – working hours



Nex Traq Fleet Tracking software helps you handle all your fleet monitoring requirements by offering your several features designed to simplify each process. Reports and real-time alerts capabilities shows you all this information in real-time helping you assign each resource for maximum efficiency. The software can be customized to provide the type of service each company needs. With Nex Traq Fleet Tracking software businesses are able to maximize their resources, cut down on fuel cost, generate time-sensitive reports and improve business revenue.

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Ashburn, Virginia
NexTraq is a company NOT to tangle with. Their selling practices are deceptive at best. We have all gotten roped into the FINE PRINT with someone in the past. Be VERY careful with NexTraq. I signed up for monthly service with them. I signed papers for the trackers but was unaware that I was signing into a long-term contract. Unfortunately, we faced a decline in business and couldn’t afford to pay the high monthly fees, so we had no choice but to cancel the service. Because of our already terrible hardship, they hired a law office to chase me down for over $3200 in breach of contract! I owed only $400 in back payments! They are threating to take me to court and for NOT being able to afford... Read More

Jeff F
Dallas, Texas
Extremely poor customer service. Better companies out there! Once the salesman gets you signed up and setup with the service, that will be the last customer service help you receive. Wish they would have better customer service, because their software and hardware have worked pretty good.

Delray Beach, Florida
Scams price and policy. no useful software. Terrible customer service.

Cherokee Village, Arkansas
Do not waste your time using this company. After you take their bait you will never hear from them again, you can call leave messages, emails, voice mails and no one will ever respond. Tried not paying and they use a collection department not associated with them to collect. This has been a huge disappointment and waste of our money., Don't believe their sales pitch because that is all there is.

Santa Cruz, California
The software and hardware work okay but their customer service is terrible. No one ever answers the phone and messages and emails are never responded to.

Top Rated
9.8 / 10
  • Mobile management
  • Automated reporting
  • Flexible GPS hardware options
  • Advanced large fleet reporting
  • Route optimization
  • Satellite imagery