CalAmp FleetOutlook Fleet Tracking Software Review

Rating: 9.1 / 10 (Excellent)
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How is CalAmp FleetOutlook rated?
Vehicle Tracking
Data Management
Vehicle Maintenance
Driver Data
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CalAmp’s FleetOutlook Fleet Tracking software offers businesses solid fleet management service with their innovative GPS based vehicle and asset tracking features. The software delivers fleet tracking and management capabilities mainly for delivery and distribution businesses. CalAmp’s FleetOutlook Fleet Tracking software features include vehicle and asset tracking, maintenance scheduling and generating reports. It aims to deliver all these features in a cost-effective product that eliminates the need for procuring hardware and employing additional personnel.   



Increase productivity and efficiency by keeping track of all your vehicles in real-time with CalAmp FleetOutlook’s NAVTEQ map data. This gives you access to the location of all your vehicles helping you keep track of all available resources and directing them to areas of need. The system allows managers to send messages instructing drivers of their next location or the optimum route to reduce fuel costs.

Customs alerts helps managers keep on top of the situation allowing them to respond to concerns in a time-sensitive fashion. FleetOutlook gives you a detailed look into each vehicle giving its exact location, the amount of time spent at stops, idling times and acceleration. This gives you an overview of the driver’s behavior and how the company’s resources are being spent. It also helps reduce accidents by informing you of dangerous driving habits allowing you to respond accordingly.

CalAmp’s FleetOutlook does not only display your vehicle’s current location but also keeps you vehicles in top condition by tracking vehicle maintenance. It also displays diagnostic codes which makes it easier for you to monitor your vehicle’s condition. Vehicle maintenance and scheduling reduces vehicle downtimes ensuring that you are fully optimizing all valuable resources.


Vehicle Tracking Capabilities

Fleet size – for small, medium and large fleets

Maps used – NAVTEQ Map (comprehensive and up to date maps)

Fuel card reporting

Dispatching features

Highly customizable vehicle tracking – displays individual or vehicle groups

Color coding and grouping – assign colors or group vehicles for easier monitoring

Mobile management – easy access to all information on your mobile device

Detailed vehicle information – start-up- shut down, idling status, location, speed and more

Create and define personal landmarks for easier tracking

25 custom alerts – quicker response times

Communicate with your drivers from FleetOutlook to your drivers


Driver data

Driver’s route – route optimization feature

Send messages to vehicle’s in-cab Garmin

Fuel card reconciliation – identify suspicious transactions or unauthorized use of fuel card

Vehicle trip history (stops, idling time, etc)


Vehicle maintenance

Preventive maintenance information

Vehicle checkup scheduling

Fuel management

Inspection management

Mileage reporting

Set reminders and notifications



Customer support rating – 5/5

Availability – working hours



It comes as no surprise why CalAmp’s FleetOutlook has consistently been recognized as one of the top fleet tracking software available today. The software is an all-in-one fleet management system that helps managers keep track and monitor every process of their operations. With its data and reporting tools, managers are able to allocate valuable resources to areas where it is needed and gives them a better outlook of their business health.



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