There are two basic types of electric dog fences, the first of which involves burying wires along your chosen perimeter, for highly reliable and customizable protection. The other type is wireless, working through a transmitter that sends a circular signal around your yard. If the dog attempts to pass through the determined perimeter, it receives a slight, deterring shock via a special collar. A third, much less common, hybrid option involves a combination of both fences.

Wireless fences are quick to install, more affordable, and conveniently portable. However, they do have some drawbacks as compared to buried wire fences. Slope, landscaping, and metal, including aluminum siding or metal roofing, can be sources of interference for the transmitter, effectively blocking the signal. They can also suffer from boundary blur, which means that the edge of the transmitter's perimeter can shift between 1 and 20 feet at any given time. 

Despite these issues, wireless fences can be especially useful for renters, travelers (e.g. camping trips or visits to the park), and people whose yard is relatively flat, unobstructed, and of a regular size. In order to find the best wireless electric fences, we looked at their range, degree of reliability, cost, and what real customers thought after using them.

In addition to the companies below, we also recommend checking out Fun Ace and PetPopo. Fun Ace provides a wireless containment system that can be used for however many dogs is necessary. It's easy to install, and just requires setting the rechargeable transmitter where it can provide maximum coverage (at its highest setting, the boundary limits can reach 500 feet). In case of a power outage, the transmitter continues functioning for up to 20 hours. The system works best for large properties that are at least 30 feet from the road with minimal landscaping and sloping, without metal siding or outbuildings, as these can negatively affect the signal. 

PetPopo's IPET 4.0 is reliable and safe for pets from 12 to 120 pounds, and offers excellent range of up to 78 hectares. Both the transmitter and the two waterproof collars are rechargeable, saving money on batteries. A good feature is that the transmitter can be expanded to up to three receivers, thereby expanding your coverage and allowed radius. The system is easy and quick to install, and most dogs will respond to a combination of proper training and warning beeps from the collar, eliminating the need for shocks altogether. 

Top 2 Wireless Dog Fences

5.4 / 10

Havahart is number one on our list because it features the largest coverage area of any wireless dog fence, as its perimeter can encompass up to eleven acres, and can protect up to two dogs with customizable correction levels for each. Their waterproof collars fit dogs of virtually all sizes (weighing more than 8 pounds), with neck sizes ranging between 14 and 26 inches. If the dog is close to breaching the boundary, a beep alert sounds. Most animals learn to recognize this, eliminating the need for the subsequent shock if the dog continues to move towards where it shouldn't.

Our Partner
5.3 / 10

PetSafe Wireless features a sleek in-home unit that's tiny and eminently portable, as it only needs an outlet. The included waterproof and rechargeable collars are some of the most compact on the market, making them much more comfortable for your dog. They offer protection for up to 3/4 of an acre for dogs five pounds and more. Just as with any other similar product, you must train your dog to understand the limits of the fence, but they do provide customizable settings for the collar shocks. One great feature is that it's very easy to expand the coverage zone, by incorporating additional wireless transmitters. 

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