PetSafe Basic In-ground Fence (PIG00-14582) Review

Rating: 8.4 / 10 (Excellent)
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PetSafe’s Basic In-Ground Fence (PIG00-14582) is an easy to install pet-fencing solution that has an effective coverage of 1/3 acres but could be upgraded to 5 acres with additional wires. PetSafe’s Basic In-Ground Fence certainly comes with some limitations in terms of area it can cover, but it does provide a solid dependable system that delivers all the basics a pet fence product should. Since the average pet owner only requires an in-ground fence to prevent their pet from wandering into a neighbor’s yard or running into the street, getting a more complex and wider acreage coverage system may not be necessary.  



Pet features

For dogs 8 pounds and up

Collar size – 6 to 28 inches

Contact points - short and long contact points for short and long-haired pets

Warning feature – Warning tone

Run Through Prevention – after a warning beep, the collar sends static correction when your pet continues to move outside the fence perimeter.

Levels of correction – 4 adjustable levels of static correction

How many dogs – Unlimited with purchase of additional collars

Waterproof Collar - Yes

Effective Coverage

Outdoor - 1/3 acres but could be expanded to 5 acres with additional wires

Indoor – does not come standard. Collars could be used with PetSafe’s Indoor Pet Barrier Transmitter (PIRF-100) $67.95 for indoor-fencing needs.


Training flags - 50

Battery (PetSafe RFA-67 battery) 1 – 3 months, 5 year shelf life

Wires – 500 feet of 20 gauge boundary wire

Surge Protector - Yes

Test light tool - Yes

Wire tools - Yes

Waterproof gel wire splice capsules

Ease of installation – does not require professional installation, manual provided


6 volt battery (2 pack) - $7.95
Additional collars
Indoor Pet Barrier Transmitter PIRF-100 - $67.95

Warranty Policy

You can return defective products for for replacement or credit within 30 days, or if the product is still within its warranty period.


Eventually pets do get trained to recognize boundaries making your pet fences unnecessary. Why invest in pricier pet fences when you might not need them in the future. One area to consider when buying a pet fence is the amount of area that needs to be covered. PetSafe’s Basic In-Ground Fence (PIG00-14582) only comes with a 1/3 acre coverage, but this could easily be expanded to 5 acres if needed. If you’re searching for a dependable pet fence then PetSafe’s Basic In-ground Fence is an excellent and cost-effective solution. 


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Maribelle S
Three Springs, Pennsylvania
Hi! Just to say that I don’t understand why the receiver in the collar has those 2 inners kinda like 1” screws that faces to the dogs neck digging and struggling them? Why it cannot be designed other way like 2 WIDE bottoms that doesn’t stabs their necks instead of 2 like screws? My dogs has their necks like a scar and they don’t have it tight but I cannot loosen it off because it will not work. I think if the receiver is designed with like 2 wide bottoms of the same material as those 2 kinda like screws it will be much better. The collar will be close enough for the dogs necks and not tight and not making scars or wounds and the dogs will not be feeling like struggling all the time.... Read More

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8.4 / 10

PetSafe Basic In-ground Fence (PIG00-14582)

  • In-ground Fence
  • $154.99
  • Covers 1/3 acres expandable to 5 acres with additional wire
  • Unlimited number of pets with purchase of additional collars