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PlateJoy offers personalized and on-demand meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and more. Recipes from PlateJoy are carefully scaled to meet the health goals of every client. With the help of their in-house nutrition coach, clients receive personal advice to assist them in achieving their goals. The company uses more than 50 distinctive data points that can be tailored to each client’s goals, needs, and lifestyle.

Services and Features

PlateJoy has a 3-minute personalization quiz which helps the company create a customized meal plan for individual client preferences. They organize all the ingredients needed and send customers a shopping list for printing, this can also be accessed through phone. Every recipe offered by PlateJoy is designed to match their client’s time constraints and free of ingredients that should be avoided. Fresh and delicious meals are available each week to help individuals achieve their goals without having the need to plan ahead of time.

There are over 50 different data points available at PlateJoy which is used to create a meal plan that takes into account a customer’s needs, goals, as well as lifestyle. Customers are allowed to personalize their menu and combine multiple preferences like Low Carb and Vegetarian. PlateJoy also enables individuals to exclude ingredients except for Ketogenic meal plans.

A queue of meals is created and recommended once a customer is done filling out their Personalization Quiz. The company chooses the best combination which will reduce food waste and cost. It automatically adds more recommendations whenever a customer’s queue is running low.

PlateJoy offers subscription plans that come in 6 months and 12 months. Their 6-month subscription package costs $69 while their 12-month subscription package is available for $99. It is billed for $8 to $12 per month if billed in one instalment. Subscriptions can also be cancelled any time directly at PlateJoy’s website within 30 days of their auto-renew. Customers are given a full refund when they cancel their subscription or trial within 10 days of signing up.

  • Ingredient Delivery

Enjoy a customized shopping lists and cooking at home with recipes provided by PlateJoy. Ingredients can be delivered when customers chooses to send their recommended PlateJoy shopping list to Instacart. Same-day grocery delivery is offered to 25 metro areas without the traditional meal kit packaging.

  • PlateJoy App

PlateJoy provides a mobile app available on iOS or Android. Users will need to have a PlateJoy account to access the application.

  • Queue of Meals

As a customer submits their Personalization Quiz, PlateJoy designs a queue of meals recommended for each individual. Meals included in their queue of meals appear in upcoming menus wherein the company chooses the most suitable combination which will reduce the cost and food waste. The queue automatically adds more recommendations whenever it is running low of meal suggestions.

  • Combining Multiple Preferences

PlateJoy have a wide variety of preferences which can be combined depending on their client’s taste. Some plans are very restrictive and cannot be combined with other preferences such as Diabetes, Ketogenic, and Whole30.


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Diet Plans at PlateJoy

PlateJoy offers a convenient diet plan service that offers clients with unlimited personalized plan choices. The company creates a time-saving grocery list that is optimized to reduce waste. Aside from offering meals, PlateJoy also allows customers to receive on-demand advice from the company’s in-house nutrition coach.

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  • Men's, Diabetes, and Vegetarian Plans available

Latest Plate Joy Reviews

Tom B
Irvine, California

NO. All these review postings are not from normal consumers who have tried this service. This is a BAD DEAL. The recipes are very repetitive and the logic to screen them does not work according to the profile that you create. This is close to a SCAM IMO. There is no way to realize this in the 10 day trial, and then you see that there is not really any variety. No refunds.

Steven T
Montgomery, Alabama

I tired this with my roommate. The meals, yes, are awesome. BUT for two people, for just two days, my grocery list came it $95!!!! FOR TWO PEOPLE FOR TWO DAYS ONLY! I had to unsubscribe after that I would go broke trying to keep up. If you are made out of money they have some great recipes for you.