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Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Review

Rating: 8.1 / 10 (Excellent)
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Cryo-Cell is the world’s first private cord blood bank to separate and store stem cells. Its main services include cord blood and cord tissue banking. Cryo-Cell has half a million clients worldwide from 87 countries. The company operates its own cryopreservation facilities, giving them full control of the process to ensure that their client’s enjoy the best services available.  


  • Cord Blood - $1400/yr
  • Cord Blood Premium -$1650/yr ($1950)
  • Cord Blood and Cord Tissue – $2350/yr
  • Cord Blood and Tissue Premium - $2600/yr ($2900)
  • Cord Blood Storage - $150/yr
  • Cord Blood Tissue Storage - $300/yr
  • Cord Blood Storage (20 years prepaid) - $2499
  • Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Storage (20 years prepaid) - $4499
  • Standard Cord Blood (HES) - $3899
  • Premium Cord Blood (PrepaCyte CB) - $4149
  • Standard Cord Blood and Cord Tissue - $6849
  • Premium Cord Blood and Cord Tissue - $7099


  • AABB
  • FDA
  • ISO certified


Cryo-Cell International, Inc. laboratory is located in Florida. It is equipped with 2 ISO class 7 clean rooms were specimens and stem cells are processed.


  • Cord Blood Banking
  • Cord Tissue Banking

Storage Used

Cryo-Cell uses FDA recommended heparin-free bags to transport cord blood. Cord tissues are transported in saline solutions and antibiotics preserving and protecting them in the process.

Stem Cell Sources

  • Cord blood
  • Umbilical cord

Laboratory Report

  • Cell count                                                                                   
  • Stem cell analysis
  • ABO/ Rh typing
  • Sterility checks

Shipping Method

Cryo-Cell works with a medical courier to pick-up specimens at the hospital and transports this to their facility. This could be facilitated by communicating with their Cryo-Cell Transportation Coordinator which provides 24/7 services.

Cryo-Cell - Summary

With decades of experience and being the world’s first private cord bank to separate and store stem cells, Cryo-Cell is considered as one of the country’s leading cord blood banking providers. The company delivers excellent services for its customers by utilizing state-of-the-art facilities and industry accepted processes. However, prices remain to be high especially when you consider companies who offer the same price but include long term storage services with their plans. Its $150 medical courier fee also affects its competitiveness.

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Eric s
Dallas, Texas
I became a customer of Cyro-cell nearly 14years ago. In 2014 I moved and discontinued my contract. Cyro-cell, unknown to me, billed me for 3 years without my knowledge. They believe they have a life-time contract! My recommendation is to do business with someone else.

, New Mexico
I've been banking out sons' cord blood for several years now and every year it is a headache to coordinate and schedule a payment, get a receipt, or even just logging in to view my account history. This company has been the biggest pain in my ass since the birth of my child. Calling in to update info, make payments, etc is just as bad since the people on the phone have no idea what they are doing. I have lost all faith that my cord blood will actually be available when I need it.

Top Rated
8.8 / 10
  • Cord blood product quality guarantee
  • Cord blood banking at $2,999
  • CordAdvantage
  • 20 years free storage/ renewable
  • Free Cord Blood withdrawal fee