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Rating: 9.4 / 10 (Excellent)
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Powered by AmVenture Insurance Agency, Inc., Federal Trust Business Insurance offers comprehensive tools for startup businesses and industry veterans. Their business insurance solutions include workers' compensation, disability insurance, commercial auto insurance, general liability insurance, and bundled policies for business owners.

Federal Trust Business Insurance - Key Points

Federal Trust Business Insurance is an online business insurance aggregator powered by AmVenture, an industry leader offering specialized tools for all types of enterprises, regardless of size or experience. The company extends a comprehensive selection of business insurance solutions, including:

• Policies for Business Owners
• Worker's Compensation
• Cyber Liability
• Disability Insurance
• Commercial Auto
• General Liability Insurance

Federal Trust Insurance - Policies

Policy What It Is What It Covers 

Workers' Compensation

• Provides employees a benefit in the form of financial relief were they to fall ill or become injured in the workplace
• Protects employers from legal actions taken by ill/injured employees
• Required by law in most states, yet required coverage scope varies by industry and state

• Work-related illnesses and injuries
• Injuries sustained on business trips
• Diseases due to prolonged contact with hazardous chemicals on the job
• Illnesses that are slow to develop
• Short and long-term disabilities

General Liability Insurance

• Protects a business' assets against financial peril in the event a customer, worker, or visitor is injured, or their property is damaged on the business' premises due to their alleged negligence

• Covers costs related to legal claims brought against a small business by a third party
• Attorney fees, court costs, settlements, and judgments the business may be liable to pay

Business Owners Policy (BOP) Insurance

• Designed to address the most common liability and property threats faced by small businesses by bundling multiple insurance policies into a single package

• Property insurance for buildings and physical propertyGeneral liability insurance
• Business interruption insurance against natural disasters, cyber attacks, etc.

Cyber Liability Insurance

• Covers some of the costs that arise from cyber attacks like server hacks, phishing scams, data privacy breaches, data piracy, etc. 

•Indemnification for legal fees
•Costs of recovering data
• Restoring damaged systems
• Continual monitoring of impacted data for a specific period
• Website media content liability
• PCI Fines

Disability Insurance

• Provides a benefit to employees if they have an accident or fall ill due to causes related or unrelated to their work.
• Track injury and illness rates among workers

•Covers a broad range of injuries and illnesses that are not pre-existing 

Commercial Auto

• Protects a businesses vehicles or fleets against financial damage due to being involved in an accident

• Comprehensive
• Collision
• Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist
• Medical Payments
• Loading and Unloading

Federal Trust Business Insurance - Services 

The insurance carriers affiliated with AmVenture offer services for a multiplicity of industries, yet their products cater to particular niches that include but are not limited to:

• Retail/Mercantile
• Accounting
• Computer Technology
• Health (Medical & Dental)
• Restaurant
• Beauty
• Hospitality
• Contractors
• Auto Parts Dealers

The company's affiliated insurance carriers also hold A (Excellent) ratings with A.M. Best and provide 24/7 online claim filing. Their specialized insurance agents can help small business owners determine their particular insurance needs and answer all their policy-related questions.

Federal Trust Business Insurance - Overall

Small to large business owners looking to compare rates for the most sought-after insurance products in the market can benefit from a free quote from Federal Trust Business Insurance. By providing a few details with no personally identifiable information, prospective customers can access multiple quotes from highly-rated carriers offering competitively-priced business insurance products and related services.

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9.4 / 10
  • General Liability Insurance for new and established businesses
  • Worker's Compensation and Disability Insurance options
  • Cyber Liability and Commercial Auto Insurance policies available
  • Obtain a free quote over-the-phone by providing minimal information