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Rating: 8.9 / 10 (Excellent)
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Total AV is a fairly new, fully-featured anti-virus software suite with both a free and a paid version. It uses very little of your system's processing power to run, and has a number of differentiating features from other similar products on the market, chiefly the fact that it provides a VPN. Total AV software is compatible with all major operating systems and is sold at a very competitive cost.

Total AV is a comprehensive antivirus software that provides real-time protection against malicious programs and other online threats. The software provides complete protection for you and your family safeguarding your identity and while making online purchases. Total AV is compatible with a variety of mobile devices including those on iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows platforms. 


30 day Free Trial


  • Ultimate Antivirus (5 devices) $69.95
  • Pro Antivirus (3 devices) $39.95
  • Essential Antivirus (1 device) $19.95






Virus, Trojans, Adware, Spyware and Malware Protection

Protection against phishing scams

Safeguard your identity and online purchases

Real-time antivirus protection

Enhance your device performance with system boost


Remove duplicate and redundant files


Stay safe online with web security tools



Advance firewall protection



Web browser cleaner and manager



PC performance and optimization tools



30 day moneyback guarantee

24/7 technical support

Operating System Compatibility

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS
  • Android
  • iOS

Support Services

  • FAQs
  • Knowledge Base
  • Phone Support
  • Email
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Tutorials


Total AV is an antivirus software that is very capable of handling today’s increasing attacks on personal information and online transactions. Real-time protection ensures that your system is constantly protected against malware, Trojan and other viruses. And with increased used of smartphones and mobile devices, Total AV is able to extend this level of protection by supporting these devices. Its cross platform compatibility allows users to protect different devices simultaneously by simply installing the software over any device.

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61 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Matthew D
Sturgis, Michigan
Started processing my order for for the "Ultimate" series. Site shows a price and all of the features. Once you start processing and the system has ALREADY taken payment info it starts listing all of those features that are on the list as an EXTRA charge. Decided I wasn't going to be conned and tried to back out but the initial transaction is already gone. No way to cancel. Called the billing department immediately. Now it will be 7-10 days before I get my money back. I don't like being scammed into thinking all of the listed functions are included only to find out it would cost me 3 times the price they made me think I was getting it for. They very quickly offered me 50% off when... Read More

Scottsdale, Arizona
I been shopping for another security software and downloaded total av to try for free but like the other reviews it would not allow functionality of the software without paying. I like the reviewer who stated I paid $19.00 for a free program. I, like some of the other reviewers, let this program scan my computer, once complete it advised of duplicate files that were important files. This is when I become very nervous for I have never had a security software bring such files to the user attention. I immediately went through and looked for all of the files for total av and removed them. I too, went back to the review and found spelling errors and found on website that recommends 10 of the... Read More

Same here. It will scan for viruses but will make you purchase the paid version to remove them. I uninstalled it right away.

John F
Powell River, British Columbia
I Found Total AV - The Ultimate Antivirus Application Fantastic at protecting My PC, My Programs, Operating System, My Files, and Everything in between! My entire System is both Gaurded and Safe, Running Smoothly, and Easy to keep Optimized with TOTAL AV. It saves Me A lot of time, and without any Effort at all, Continues to keep My PC running Fast and Efficiant! I recoment TOTAL AV to Anyone looking for a PC Optimization and Security Program! It put So many others to shame!

Jim S
Anacortes, Washington
I downloaded TotalAV and paid $19.00 for their free service. They scanned my computer and found 600 threats. TotalAV did not respond to my request for assistance. I shutdown my computer then rebooted only to find my computer was frozen. After 2 hours I was able to remove both the TotalAV application and their library folder. A screenshot of the 600 threats show they all came from the TotalAV folder.

Auckland, Auckland
I suspected it was a scam. You know how the site "top10bestantivirus" says how it is good? It clearly says [AD] next to the link. On some versions the spelling isn't even right. With Scanguard being already knows as illegitimate and rated at the top by that site, it is no doubt how obvious Total AV is also illegitimate, since it hints that "top10bestantivirus" was used to promote both of them. Furthermore, both of them have almost the same layout... suspicious, don't you think? In conclusion, do not get Total AV!

Mesa, Arizona
I agree, not only did it really do nothing but list some benign cookies and then want a subscription to "fix" them, it totally messed up my desktop and changed many preferences I had spent much time setting. Plus it went through my whole hard drive, who knows what it picked up. I know better too, never use anything that works from the damn cloud, but I tried it on the advice of the Kim Kommando website who listed it as #1 Antivirus program. Apparantly Kim will recommend anything if the price is right.

Dishonest. Once their 'free' version has been installed you discover that numerous identified 'threats' can only be fixed at a price. A straightforward scam. Avoid.

James K
Seymour, Wisconsin
Wait until you cancel the service. They will still charge your account. I cancelled last month and they are still charging my account.

Halesworth, England
Free version scans your system for threats, finds quite a few, then when you click Resolve Issues takes you to a web site asking you to pay to upgrade. Total scam. Forget it.

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8.9 / 10
  • Real-time security and advanced firewall
  • Protection for all your family
  • Safeguard your identity and online purchases
  • Complete control, quarantining, flagging, and eliminating cyber threats
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • System booster
  • Supports PC, Mac, iOS, and Android