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Rating: 8.9 / 10 (Excellent)
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Total AV is a fairly new, fully-featured anti-virus software suite with both a free and a paid version. It uses very little of your system's processing power to run, and has a number of differentiating features from other similar products on the market, chiefly the fact that it provides a VPN. Total AV software is compatible with all major operating systems and is sold at a very competitive cost.

Total AV is a comprehensive antivirus software that provides real-time protection against malicious programs and other online threats. The software provides complete protection for you and your family safeguarding your identity and while making online purchases. Total AV is compatible with a variety of mobile devices including those on iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows platforms. 


30 day Free Trial


  • Ultimate Antivirus (5 devices) $69.95
  • Pro Antivirus (3 devices) $39.95
  • Essential Antivirus (1 device) $19.95






Virus, Trojans, Adware, Spyware and Malware Protection

Protection against phishing scams

Safeguard your identity and online purchases

Real-time antivirus protection

Enhance your device performance with system boost


Remove duplicate and redundant files


Stay safe online with web security tools



Advance firewall protection



Web browser cleaner and manager



PC performance and optimization tools



30 day moneyback guarantee

24/7 technical support

Operating System Compatibility

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS
  • Android
  • iOS

Support Services

  • FAQs
  • Knowledge Base
  • Phone Support
  • Email
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Tutorials


Total AV is an antivirus software that is very capable of handling today’s increasing attacks on personal information and online transactions. Real-time protection ensures that your system is constantly protected against malware, Trojan and other viruses. And with increased used of smartphones and mobile devices, Total AV is able to extend this level of protection by supporting these devices. Its cross platform compatibility allows users to protect different devices simultaneously by simply installing the software over any device.

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8.9 / 10
  • Real-time security and advanced firewall
  • Protection for all your family
  • Safeguard your identity and online purchases
  • Complete control, quarantining, flagging, and eliminating cyber threats
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • System booster
  • Supports PC, Mac, iOS, and Android

Latest Total AV Reviews


How can one believe the advert about Total AV being free? Once it is downloaded and installed one is faced with a small notice saying the Pro version will be x dollars. Even running the free version one can't remove any nasties unless one pays FOR THE PRO VERSION. As far as I am concerned this is false advertising. I am not the only one who agrees with me.

Dave Y
Ashburn, Virginia

Pumped as one of THE best programs for safety and optimization and it was FREE. Downloaded it and it scanned my computer, reported some things that needed immediate fixing and then went to a BUY THIS NOW page. ANY time something is advertised for free and then it doesn't work until you BUY the damn program that is FALSE ADVERTISING and a RIP-OFF from the git-go!! PASS


Made my laptop stop working completely and are deaf to my complaints about a refund I give it a zero rating

ron o
Chicago, Illinois

I'm tired of all the ads for other AV programs popping up on my phone and computer. If I would have known about all this extra unwanted crap, I would never have bought the original program

Ashburn, Virginia

I downloaded this last year and didn't like it because there was not enough for me to be able to do with what I wanted. Plus, in order to do anything, I had to go through several screens wanting me to get other products, which was annoying. I canceled the account before 30 days were up. Today, I noticed a charge to my banking account for $99.95. I never got an email informing me this was coming out, etc. I called to get a refund. The guy I spoke to said I had agreed when I got it for the $99.95 to be deducted from my account. I had not done any such thing!!! I CANCELED my account. I am super-mad about this. I'm supposed to get a refund within 7 days. DO NOT GET!! BEWARE!! SCAM!!!!

Seattle, Washington

This is NOT a good company to work with. They list themselves as a "free" service (to replace Microsoft Essentials or others). Once you download and start your scan - THEN you are informed that there is a fee and you much purchase the product. I went through to make the purchase but, there 15 screens trying to get me to purchase dozens of other products at "discounted" rates. After the 15th page, I got fed up and decide NOT to purchase from them as the whole process seems like a scam - I then discover that they charged me anyway without my getting to the final payment screen! They charged my card without permission as I did not get to final payment screen to authorize the... Read More


Unbelievable Crooks, avoid like the plague! I ordered the protection last year, and found out today that they jacked up the price by £100 for this year. The worst bit? They assumed I wanted auto-renewal and made it difficult for me to unsubscribe, there's no button to click, and there's absolutely zero warning of the auto renewal! I just got a big bill in my account, this episode has been an absolute disgrace. From initial setup issues leaving me exposed to this, avoid as if your life depends on it! I wish I'd never signed up and now I'm refused a refund, because I've used a few hours worth of an annual service. Beyond livid!

Eduardo C

I installed a free Total AV 1. I considered subscribing to it for only $ 20 because it was on sale. but I could not find a way yo pay for it except for paypal which I don't use. 2. I tried again after a couple of hours but the "sale" had expired. This sounds very much like a bait and switch tactic often used by less than honorable stores. I would appreciate your assistance by paying for it through my credit card and at the original price advertised. Thank you Eduardo Lim

Dallas, Texas

If you want a Total Nightmare chose Total AV. . after their installation and scan "paid" my computer was a nightmare of problems. 532 updates that would not uninstall, with an error report of " Fatal error code 0x80070643 fatal error by TOTAL when installing updates will not uninstall no matter what" Called corrupted installation. Contact customer or tech support results in different people with no extent of your previous e mails. Finally got through to a real person on chat, same runaround treated like an idiot and disappeared in the middle of one of my responses. My guess is I am looking at an expensive trip to a computer shop and a professional who may or may not be able to... Read More

Miami, Florida

Complete scam. After you finish your "free" scan you are requested to pay for it.

License T
Atlanta, Georgia

I bought this product for five devices, and was successful loading and executing it on only one device. I contacted the AV chat room for assistance, waited for an hour with no response to get help setting AV up on a second device, and got no response. Sent email for tech assistance to resolve 'unspecified error' which took about 48 hours for a response which assumed I was a dumbass, asking if I removed the old software, which I had done. Good software should look for this and take care of the removal of incompatible situations. With a 48 hour turnaround to proceed through this to a resolution was unsatisfactory, so I gave up. All subsequent efforts said that I had used up all of... Read More

Sanjay B

Worst Antivirus software. Its a big piece of shit. Please please never buy Total AV. Makes you PC unusable. Even a click will take ages to action. My machine started taking 30 mins to start. Then to Mozilla it started taking 15 mins. I wished I could worse words to use.

Brian d
Edmonton, Alberta

total av is a virus as it does not remove anything harmful but adds harmful software. they trick people into buying it by placing themselves on top. they are fake, don't buy it. when you need it to work it wont. they steal your personal info and sell it. buyer beware. and why on this site is total av deemed excellent? every review here says the same things, all negative. this site is a scam. delete it all asap and hopefully the company wont hold your info hostage.

Herbert M
Monaca, Pennsylvania

TotalAV is not Free software!! You are much better off with the antivirus built into Windows 10 already. Or use Avast Free, Kaspersky Free, BitDefender Free, all better choices. There is never a reason to buy antivirus at full prices. Buy licenses off Ebay from reputable sellers with high feedback scores. Webroot is an excellent choice also but they don't have a free version.

, Colorado

I paid for this; downloaded and had chronic problems for over a month. The functionality with the application did not work and only slowed down my system; deleted it!!! Waste of money!

Escondido, California

I saw postings that this would remove pokki not so, not even found on scan as a problem I do not know how pokki got on my system, but I want it gone, TotalAV does not do it

Memphis, Tennessee

Advertised as having a free edition, like AVG and Avast. once you load it you cant get away from it- as a free download you are BOMBARDED DAILY AND HOURLY to upgrade to the paid version. Takes 5-10 minutes to open your computer as this POC program eats up your memory running a check- so that when its finished you get to be hit with a paid upgrade offer. id rather run with no anti virus than keep this POS program on my laptop

Josh B
Surrey, British Columbia

SCAM. don't do it. everything is a joke with these guys. READ the reviews in here and take it seriously, I wish I had. this company should be shut down.

Adam S

Total AV? More like Total BS! First of all they must be paying "comparison sites" (which I can only assume do not actually review the products) to give them good reviews and advertise a Free Edition. There is nothing free about the product (except for getting free adware) - it will scan your system and identify "malware" and then attempt to get you to buy the full product to clean it up. Once I uninstalled this piece of adware I got an actual Free Edition of an actual Antivirus Protection software, I scanned my system and found no Malware. I knew this to be the case because I had just reinstalled the system and was setting it up - hence the need for a new AV. Despite the above they... Read More

Larry E
Oregon, Missouri

Your support page is a joke as is live chat

Doug D
Fort Worth, Texas

I purchased TotalAV for 3 computers. It found a bunch of duplicates, which I expected, on my computer. I wanted to delete them but can't figure how to select more than one to delete. I called the Help Line only to get a message telling me their email address. This is a joke.

Jeff R
Plymouth, Michigan

Purchased Total AV service for $78 in Sept. 2017 by January 2018 had problem getting the anti-virus working, after weeks and many hours of my time going back and forth with Total AV trying to correct the issue I ask for a refund. They refunded me only $16 which means the kept $62 for a little over 3 months of service. Numerous requests for a reconciliation for my refund have been ignored. They are not a reputable company.

Sandra D
Erie, Pennsylvania

Left Total AV the end of February and they charged my credit card for another month. WHY????

Cesar G
Seattle, Washington

Fraud charged my credit card account without my authorization

James S
Greenwich, Connecticut

Works great for me... Love the mobile app addon and chrome extension too.