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Rating: 8.9 / 10 (Excellent)
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Total AV is a fairly new, fully-featured anti-virus software suite with both a free and a paid version. It uses very little of your system's processing power to run, and has a number of differentiating features from other similar products on the market, chiefly the fact that it provides a VPN. Total AV software is compatible with all major operating systems and is sold at a very competitive cost.

Total AV is a comprehensive antivirus software that provides real-time protection against malicious programs and other online threats. The software provides complete protection for you and your family safeguarding your identity and while making online purchases. Total AV is compatible with a variety of mobile devices including those on iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows platforms. 


30 day Free Trial


  • Ultimate Antivirus (5 devices) $69.95
  • Pro Antivirus (3 devices) $39.95
  • Essential Antivirus (1 device) $19.95






Virus, Trojans, Adware, Spyware and Malware Protection

Protection against phishing scams

Safeguard your identity and online purchases

Real-time antivirus protection

Enhance your device performance with system boost


Remove duplicate and redundant files


Stay safe online with web security tools



Advance firewall protection



Web browser cleaner and manager



PC performance and optimization tools



30 day moneyback guarantee

24/7 technical support

Operating System Compatibility

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS
  • Android
  • iOS

Support Services

  • FAQs
  • Knowledge Base
  • Phone Support
  • Email
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Tutorials


Total AV is an antivirus software that is very capable of handling today’s increasing attacks on personal information and online transactions. Real-time protection ensures that your system is constantly protected against malware, Trojan and other viruses. And with increased used of smartphones and mobile devices, Total AV is able to extend this level of protection by supporting these devices. Its cross platform compatibility allows users to protect different devices simultaneously by simply installing the software over any device.

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8.9 / 10
  • Real-time security and advanced firewall
  • Protection for all your family
  • Safeguard your identity and online purchases
  • Complete control, quarantining, flagging, and eliminating cyber threats
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • System booster
  • Supports PC, Mac, iOS, and Android

Latest Total AV Reviews

Cesar G
Seabeck, Washington

Fraud charged my credit card account without my authorization

James S

Works great for me... Love the mobile app addon and chrome extension too.

Tom C
Louisville, Kentucky

I can't begin to guess how the "ConsumerAdvocate" website managed to come up with their review of Total AV. Perhaps they just read the claims on the Total AV website, but more likely the order of the "Top 10" list here is based on the Top 10 Advertising Budgets as contributed by their "Partners". Visit for several honest reviews of Total AV

George F
Elmira, New York

I installed TotalAV twice because the first install didn't touch the Mysearchdial virus in my computer. I was told to reinstall it. It still did not recognize the virus. So I asked for a refund. They said I should see my refund within the next couple of days. I found this software overly confusing and deceptive with respect charging more for features that I would expect to be typically included for a basic price. However, they quote a low price and then have multiple additional costs for more features. The free version is a joke! It is a very flashy web site which is confusing and it makes multiple efforts to get you to spend more money. I have over 50 years of high tech experience with... Read More

Tony M
Fremont, California

This is a total scam.

Ruth N
Gmund am Tegernsee, Bavaria

Pathetic con. There is no free trial. I wish, I had read the comments on before installing the software. Mac Tip: to remove this con, use de-installation software like AppCleaner, otherwise you will be left with a lot of crap on your machine.

Ron T
Springtown, Texas

Wish I had visited this site before I tried them. Spent 20 minutes trying to purchase and activate Total AV. Spent apprx. 30 minuites with their chat people trying to get them to cancel my credit card order. Both worked out the same. Nothing. So I uninstalled Total AV from my computer, now I have to dispute the claim with my CC compnay.

Terrence f
Delray Beach, Florida

you put a virus on my computer. take it off NOW!

Melbourne, Victoria

Very disappointed..... to attempt to do anything with this program you must purchase it. So much for a free trial even. You lost me as a customer. Delete and remove all my details from your site. You are trying to CON!! people into spending their money. Not a happy customer and never ever will be if this is the way you conduct business. Rating..... lol is ZERO but still forced to put something or my comment may not get listed. I still haven't decided if I will repeat this comment in other computer and social media yet. so I must sign into Facebook or into "consumers advocate editorial" to post comment

Clarence Gardens, South Australia

Panda. Not great but adequate, free and honest.

Mill Park, Victoria

Hi TotalAV, I have downloaded the software, but you don't give a chance to choose the package that I want. I want the free option as per your advertisement. What a load of rubbish this should be illegal to trick people into something that is not free at all. Contact me when convenient 0407609800 My rating at this stage is 0 or less if that is possible. In the meanwhile I will uninstall all your files, you will not get any mony from me, your are very dishonest. Regards, Zoltan

Charlie L
Murphysboro, Illinois

Another (supposed) 'free' service that really isn't free! They rarely ever are. Use this service if you want your system to come to a grinding halt and deal with endless 'pop up' offers to spend more money. They keep adding services that I don't want, didn't ask for and didn't authorize them to download. I tried this on the basis of PC Magazine's recommendation and am now fairly certain the folks at PC Mag must either be investors, part owners or getting kick backs. It's organizations like these that make it necessary for some form of internet regulation because this kind of under-handed crap is getting more prevalent every month, it seems. It's difficult to trust any on-line vendor... Read More

Allen W
Lillington, North Carolina

No Zero stars available. I downloaded the Free (?) version yesterday and was instantly disappointed. It did a quick scan showing no troubles. I couldn't do anything else without pop-ups telling me the other services were only available on one of the paid versions. Deleted and shredded this morning.

Elizabeth T
Cancún, Quintana Roo

Your pricing doesn't say how long it is good for......a month, a year...????


Seems to work OK, but it is NOT FREE. It will scan your system and supposedly finds a "threat" and to resolve it you need to buy the package. Then when you've paid for it you will receive an e-mail offering you "complete protection" for even more money. When does it stop?

Troy W
Melbourne, Victoria

I've used this anti-virus program for several months now and I assumed the "system boost" and "disk cleaner" functions were bullshit (i never bothered running them) but I've discovered THEY ARE NOT. Just recently I've been struggling with trying to fix my keyboard repeat key function, which means when you hold down a key it repeats it without having to constantly tap on that key. I tried so many solutions, I checked the settings in control panel and everything was enabled and I just couldn't figure out why this was happening?! I ran the "system boost" and "disk cleaner" and now everything works perfectly. I don't know what it done but I suspect it deleted some file or program which was... Read More

Daniel M
Shawnee, Oklahoma

I really hate leaving a bad comment. I usually just move right along if have a bad experience, however, I'm having a terrible time with this app. I paid for it, and had to call a number to activate it last night.... Today it froze my brand new Windows 10 I-core-7 12GBRam 1TB, several times on start up. It's the only thing downloaded and/or installed recently. Then it kept popping up that it was expired and that I needed to pay to renew the service. I just paid for it! And last night when I paid for it, it said that it came with some bonus programs that I didn't get. On top of that, it say's "total" but one literally has to buy every little thing that's in the app. I really regret paying... Read More


Tried using free version on my cellphone. What a disappointment! Every function was crippled, asking for registration to become useful as a "free" application. Steer clear of Trump type lies on performance.

Aulnay-sur-Mauldre, Île-de-France

They sell VPN not compatible with Mac and safari ..... no refund possible I paid more that 80€ for nothing. First time in the software industry I see such a joke company !Put on Black list

Greg H
Boronia, Victoria

I decided to move from Kaspersky Internet Security as I found it too restrictive. It would block a lot of the harmless sites that I used and it would not readily accept these as exceptions. Unfortunately I found TotalAV even worse. When I signed up for TotalAV I also bought Safe Browsing (VPN), TotalAV for unlimited devices and Ad Block Pro as extra add ons. When I asked for a refund I only received a refund for TotalAV. I questioned this and was told that according to the Refund Terms and Conditions I was not entitled to a refund for any of the add ons. The jerks get to keep $98 of my money and I get nothing in return. This is nothing short of exploitation. My advice is don't deal with... Read More

Stoke-on-Trent, England

They lure you in with misleading offers then rip you off!! I have sent them numerous emails but they just don't listen. I am now going to report them to trading standards, if they don't refund my money as I have the right to cancel my subscription within 30 days.

Rudolph F
Wasilla, Alaska

Just another company is selling a no good service. Multiple emails regarding what Total AV offers they will not answer any emails. A joke of a company!!!!

Fort Lee, New Jersey

By mistake I bumped onto this of course it was a tempting offer. Didn't download it to my pc. The next day I got an email from Dean a tech telling me I should finished installing TotalAV on my pc. I didn't, I wrote back telling him I needed more information about this antivirus. He responded to me " We have gone free, here is the link for you to download your own copy and begin enjoy the perks of it" followed the link it took me right to the credit card site, it is not free- send them an e-mail actually to Dean. Didn't respond to me, this is truly an scam, out there are many antivirus we all know them well some are free other you have to pay. However, this is a scam that should not be in... Read More

Patricia M
Jackson, Mississippi

A total scam. Says 2.99 but they start charging 8.99 after the first month. Don't fall for their bait and switch. Agree with others, scammers.

Peter L

Totals misleads people. They charge you extras in the small print. Scam crooks