Account Edge Accounting Software Review

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AccountEdge accounting software is a feature-rich financial tool for helping businesses manage day-to-day tasks. The accounting software provides a myriad of features that includes tools for managing your inventories, tracking sales and monitoring expenditures. Its AccountEdge Pro offer payroll and time billing management for bigger businesses. It is highly scalable, making it easy for the software to address the growing needs of your business.


AccountEdge offers two products, AccountEdge Basic and AccountEdge Pro. Each of these comes with its own set of financial/ accounting features designed to meet its target customers. AccountEdge Basic is more suited for entry level businesses that require standard features for running simple day to day operations. Account Basic features include sales, banking, contacts and account management.  

AccountEdge Pro is tailored for small to medium-sized businesses. Features include payroll management, time billing and inventory. It also has preconfigured reports and templates. Numerous add-ons are also available for easier scalability.     

AccountEdge Basic


  • Invoicing, sell items or services, creative forms designer
  • Sales reporting, accounts receivable
  • Setup tax codes
  • Credit card sales processing, email/ print forms for quotes, invoices
  • Project/ job tracking


  • Write/ record checks, prepare bank deposits, import online bank statements
  • Account reconciliation, track/ monitor bank account information
  • Print receipts
  • Bank deposit management


  • Track important customer, employee and vendor information
  • Contact information (billing address, 5-ship to addresses, 3 phone numbers, email address, web address, fax, picture, turn-by-turn directions)
  • Reminder log
  • Create personalized letters

Account Management

  • Company data auditor (reconcile finances, information)
  • Full general ledger
  • Journal entries
  • Budget for 2 years
  • 60 custom business templates

Help/ Support

  • Online help system, forums, discussions
  • Built-in help functions

AccountEdge Pro


  • Manage banking, credit card and expense accounts
  • Recurring transactions
  • Journal entries
  • Protects important business information
  • Business insights (MAC only)


  • Write checks, make electronic payments, donations, receipts
  • Reconcile accounts and bank statements
  • Receive money without creating a sales order
  • Print checks
  • Prepare bank deposits
  • Send payment notifications


  • Create sales for items, services and time billing
  • Manage accounts receivable
  • Create estimates, orders and invoices
  • Process credit cards
  • Track retainer, escrow and trust accounts
  • Send invoices and statements
  • Mobile, cloud and web orders

Time Billing

  • Track work progress, create activity slips and timesheets
  • Build an invoice from tracked time
  • Create rate levels by employee, customer and activity


  • Create purchase orders, prepare electronic orders
  • Convert bills to orders
  • Manage payables and pay bills
  • Send payment notifications


  • Payroll processing
  • Manage wage deduction, expense categories
  • Email, print pay stubs
  • Pay liabilities


  • Full inventory management
  • Build items and kits
  • Detailed item setup
  • Receive inventory process
  • Manage inventory locations
  • Inventory count and adjustments


  • Customer and document management
  • Reminder log
  • Employee and vendor tracking
  • Email contacts
  • Create customized letters


Number of users – multiple users supported

Ideal for personal and small businesses


AccountEdge Basic and Pro accounting software is perfect for small and medium sized businesses searching for a simple solution for streamlining their financial tasks. AccountEdge has significantly improved the quality of its features over previous versions, offering better capability for its users.



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