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Ascent is a private student loan program run by Goal Structured Solutions, Inc., an education finance company. Ascent’s flexible credit score requirements help more students qualify for loans while offering customized products and services geared towards helping customers achieve financial literacy.

The Ascent Program for Funding Education offers private loans through an innovative platform that was designed to achieve university funding for a wider population of students. The company does this by operating a system that takes more into consideration than credit score and income. To this end, Ascent offers it's student loans to students with and without cosigners. One standout feature of Ascent is the organization's commitment to encouraging financial freedom among its lenders. The company incorporates financial education into its loan application process in order to encourage students to start life on the right track.

Loans offered through Ascent originate with Richland State Bank (RSB), Member FDIC, or Turnstile Capital Management, LLC.

Student Loans Offered

Nursing School

Maximum Loan Limit

Max Loan Amount per Year


Maximum Loan Amount Total

$200,000 is the maximum aggregate loan amount in total. 

Repayment Options

Ascent offers 3 different repayment options for their student loans:

  • Interest Only - Student must be registered at least half time. The student will pay only the interest on the loan until graduation. After this full interest and principal payments must be made.
  • Deferred Repayment - Postpone both principal and interest payments while at least half time enrolled for 60 months.
  • $25 Minimum Payment - Student makes $25 minimum payment a month while enrolled and full payments upon graduation.


An Ascent borrower can request a deferment under the following circumstances:

Active Duty Military Deferment
In-School Deferment -
If returning to school at least half time
Residency / Internship Deferment 
Temporary Hardship Forbearance - 
For a maximum of 3 months, maximum of 24 months during the life of the loan.

Student Loan Rates

Fixed Rate


Variable Rate


Rates Effective as of June 1, 2018

- Variable rates: 3.95% - 10.45% APR
- Fixed rates: 5.79% - 12.10% APR

- Variable rates: 5.38% - 12.68% APR
-  Fixed rates: 7.07% - 13.74% APR


Ascent considers the following factors for student loan qualification: creditworthiness, school, program, graduation date, major, cost of attendance, etc.

Loan Related Fees

Origination Fee


Loan Application Fee


Prepayment Fee


Student Loans with Ascent Program for Funding Education

Ascent is a good choice for student loans, especially if you are interested in freeing yourself from a cosigner. The company takes other sources of information into consideration than credit score and income, giving those with less than ideal credit who don't have a cosigner a shot. The maximum loan limit is sufficient for most education paths, and the rates are standard for the student loan marketplace. 

Ascent Terms & Conditions

  1. Ascent rates are effective as of 06/01/2018. The current LIBOR is 1.953%, which may adjust monthly. Your interest rate may increase or decrease, based on LIBOR monthly changes. Competitive rates calculated monthly at the time of loan approval.
  • Ascent Tuition Cosigned Loan: Variable rate loans are based on a margin between 2.25% and 9.50% plus the 1-Month London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) rounded to the nearest 1/100th of a percent resulting in an APR range between 3.95% - 10.45%. Fixed rate loans have an APR range between 5.79% - 12.10%. For Ascent Tuition cosigned loan current rates and repayment examples visit
  • Ascent Independent Non-Cosigned Loan: Variable rate loans are based on a margin between 4.00% and 10.75% plus the 1-Month London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), rounded to the nearest 1/100th of a percent, resulting in an APR range between 5.38% - 12.68% . Fixed rate loans have an APR range between 7.07% - 13.74% . For Ascent Independent non-cosigned loan current rates and repayment examples visit
  1. Payments may be deferred. Subject to lender discretion, forbearance and/or deferment options may be available for borrowers who are encountering financial distress.

  2. Making interest only or partial interest payments while in school will not reduce the principal balance of the loan. There are three (3) flexible in-school repayment options that include fully deferred, interest only and $25 minimum repayment. 

  3. Flexible repayment plans may be offered with up to a fifteen (15) year repayment term. 

  4. Interest rate reduction of 0.25% for enrollment in automatic debit applies only when the borrower and/or cosigner signs up for automatic payments and the regularly scheduled, current amount due (including full, flat, or interest only payments, as applicable) is successfully deducted from the designated bank account each month. Interest rate reduction(s) will not apply during periods when no payment is due, including periods of In-School, Deferment, Grace or Forbearance. If you have two (2) returned payments for Nonsufficient Funds, we may cancel your automatic debit enrollment and you will lose the 0.25% interest rate reduction. You will then need to re-qualify and re-enroll in automatic debit payments in order to receive the 0.25% interest rate reduction.

  5. All applicants (individual and cosigner) are required to complete a brief online financial literacy course as part of the application process to be eligible for funding.

  6. Eligibility, loan amount and other loan terms are dependent on a number of factors, which may include: loan product, other financial aid, creditworthiness, school, program, graduation date, major, cost of attendance and other factors. Aggregate loan limits may apply. The cost of attendance is determined and certified by the educational institution.

  7. The legal age for entering into contracts is eighteen (18) years of age in every state except Alabama where it is nineteen (19) years old, Nebraska where it is nineteen (19) years old (only for wards of the state), and Mississippi and Puerto Rico where it is twenty-one (21) years old.
    NOTE: 1% cash back graduation reward subject to terms and conditions. Click here for details.

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Cathe L
Lapeer, Michigan
My daughter entered an app for a non-cosigner loan four weeks before money was due. It's now been five weeks and no answer from Ascent. She supplied all documents necessary, has excellent GPA and is attending a top school in our state. Right after submitting the app and docs she received two emails stating she needs to supply all documents. She called to ask which specific docs they were looking for because she sent everything they originally requested. The rep on the other line told her they don't even see where they sent her an email requesting anything. My daughter read the email to the rep on the phone and she said "oh yes, I guess that is us. We don't need anything further from... Read More

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9.9 / 10
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