Personal Chef To Go Review

Rating: 9.3 / 10 (Excellent)
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Personal Chef To Go is a meal planning service that focuses on delivering healthy, ready to heat and eat meals and entrée salads. The company offers weekly handcrafted meals from locally sourced vegetables, hand-trimmed FDA approved meats and whole grains. These ingredients are combined to create personalized recipes that are rich in flavor but low in fats and calories. Personal Chef To Go has flexible meal planning options with no long term commitments.

About Personal Chef To Go

Personal Chef To Go offers heart-healthy and personalized Mediterranean inspired diet meals. The company promotes healthy living by helping individuals eat healthy meals. Its meal plans include Couples on the Go, Lunch & Dinner, Busy Singles, and Dinner Only. Clients are free to choose the plan which best fits their lifestyle as well as delivery dates most convenient for them to receive their order.

Each week, menus are prepared from scratch by trained chefs under Corporate Chef Gene Castelluccio’s supervision. Meals are carefully packed in oxygen free packaging that locks in the flavour and sustains the freshness for up to 10 days. Personal Chef To Go’s menu plans are kept well insulated to preserve freshness.

Meals supplied by Personal Chef To Go contains a variety of lean protein including boneless and skinless chicken breast, cold-water fish and shellfish, fresh vegetables, fruit sauces and dressing, and hand-trimmed beef and pork. A nine-week rotating menu that includes 12 different items are offered to consumers to experience and enjoy.

Meal Subscription Services

Couples on the Go

  • 5 unique meal selections with sides
  • 10 meals in total
  • Individually sealed meals designed as an easy dinner for two

Busy Singles

  • 5 individual meals with sides
  • 3 entrée salad meals
  • 8 meals  in total
  • Perfect for home dinners or at the office for grab-n-go lunches

Family Favorites

  • Family dinners with sides and rolls
  • 4 nights of meals
  • Choose from two available size option

Lunch and Dinner

  • 8 meals and 3 entrée salad meals
  • 10 meals in total

Dinner Only

  • Most affordable plan
  • 5 meals in total

How Much Does It Cost You?

Meal Plan

Cost Per Week

(One Time Order)

Cost Per Week

(With Subscription)

Couples on the Go



Family Favorites



Busy Singles



Lunch and Dinner



Dinner Only




What’s Included in the Box?

  • Fresh and non-frozen meals
  • Kept in a refrigerated shipping containers that are professionally tested and guaranteed
  • Meals with no additives, preservatives, and reduced sodium

Shipping and Delivery

Personal Chef To Go provides express door-to-door delivery. Delivery time depend on customer location. Customers are presented with three delivery frequency options; weekly subscription, bi-weekly subscription, and one-time delivery. Orders are shipped nationwide via FedEx in a refrigerated shipping container which is clinically tested and guaranteed to keep meals properly chilled for up to 60 hours of transit time. Customers can select their desired delivery date which is convenient to their schedule.

Support Services

  • Phone

(804) 453-2227

  • Email

Final Thoughts on Personal Chef To Go

Personal Chef To Go is the perfect choice for people searching for the convenience of a meal planning service and the benefits of eating healthy. Rather than just shipping clients raw ingredients, Personal Chef To Go’s meals are prepared, cut and ready to eat in minutes. A variety of healthy meal plans, express delivery, flexible delivery schedules and no long term commitments is what makes Personal Chef To Go a good choice for health conscious individuals searching for a meal planning service.

Top Rated
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9.7 / 10
  • Special offer! Save $30 on your first order
  • Prepare home-cooked meals in less than 30 minutes
  • Weekly service that fit consumer’s life demands
  • 15 meal options, including 5 minute lunches
  • Chef-designed easy to follow recipes
  • Free delivery on orders over $40
  • Delicious meals for $9.95 per serving