Best Software for Learning Mandarin

Colin GrubbMay 9, 2014

English still remains to be the preferred language for business and communication. But with the growing influence of the Chinese in both business and world affairs, more and more professionals have seen the need for learning Mandarin as a tool for communicating with the world’s largest Nation in terms of population.

Learning a new language could be very tasking. Traditionally, learning a new language entails enrolling in an educational institution or immersing yourself with native speakers. However, it is now possible to learn a new language by using the best software for learning Mandarin.    

Language learning tools have gone a long way from books and audio recordings. Technology has made it possible for students to learn in a more interactive atmosphere such as those seen in the best software for learning Mandarin.  

List of the Best Software for Learning Mandarin

At we have reviewed some of the best language software available today. Below are two of the best software for learning Mandarin:

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone makes learning Mandarin easy by breaking it down into 5 levels. This is available through download or in CD format. Rosetta Stone lets you learn Mandarin at your own pace in a highly interactive manner.

Competitively priced at $299 for all Levels (lessons 1 to 5), it allows access for up to 5 users. The software could be installed in 2 computers for simultaneous learning.

An Online version is also available. It comes with interactive software similar to its CD ROM offer. The online version has a few unique features. It now allows you to read stories, group and solo games and a chatting feature for fine tuning your verbal skills.  

Rosetta Stone now makes language learning possible across a myriad of mobile devices. It is available in as an app for your IOS (iPad, iPhone) or Android devices. Online subscription is available in 3, 6, 12 and 36 months. One year subscription is priced at $224.


Fluenz brings learning Mandarin in three levels. Level one teaches you the basics, level two builds on the foundation and level three helps you master Mandarin.  

Learning at the palm of your hands, all these features are now available with fluenz iPhone app. But this is not the only learning format that comes with fluenz Mandarin. It also comes with in a variety of multimedia formats to make learning both fun and interesting.  

Available formats:

  • Online
  • iPhone
  • DVD
  • MP3
  • Flashcards
  • Audio CD


Fluenz offers a more personalized approach to learning a new language. While Rosetta Stone provides a proven technique to language learning, fluenz tries to create a course more attuned to the student. Tutors for example work with each student to formulate a learning strategy to improve efficiency.

What to look for in the Best Software for Learning Mandarin

Just like any language learning software, the best software for learning Mandarin should offer students learning methods that are designed to meet individual learning styles. Language software should also make use of the different multimedia formats to make learning more interactive and interesting. The best software for learning Mandarin must not only help students learn the basics of the language. But also help them develop these skills to the level required by the student.