Rosetta Stone Language Software Review

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Rosetta Stone Review

Rosetta Stone is one of the most effective Language learning courses in the market today. It is currently being used by branches of the US military, government agencies, learning institutions and top businesses across the globe to help bridge language barriers. Rosetta Stone has 30 language courses which includes French, Italian, German and Spanish.  

Rosetta Stone is one of the most effective Language learning courses in the market today. It is currently being used by branches of the US military, government agencies, learning institutions and top businesses across the globe to help bridge language barriers. Rosetta Stone has 30 language courses which includes French, Italian, German and Spanish. 


What’s included?

Rosetta Stone utilizes technology to complement its pattern-based learning method to enhance the learning process. Learning is divided into 5 levels which determine the content of each package. This includes CDs, voice recognition software, online coaches, mobile apps that provides students a wider choice of media to learn from.  The complete course is available on CD but is also available as a digital download. It comes with a headset, microphone and voice recognition software that adds that extra touch to help polish your speech. Live Conversation sessions with native speakers help you refine your conversation skills.

The course is available online through a subscription with its TOTALe offer. It includes interactive software similar to those found in CDs. Online-only features include group/ solo games and the ability to learn with others. It is supported in major computer operating formats (Windows, Mac) and comes with a free App (iPhone, Android) for online subscribers.



  • Courses are divided in to 5 levels
  • Upto Level 3 only available for Arabic, Dutch, Filipino, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portugese, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese)
  • Courses available for Personal, Business, Public Sector, Education, Home schooling



  • Online support/ coaches
  • CD, DVD
  • Software
  • Mobile App
  • Voice Recognition (Mic and headset)


How does it work?

Rosetta Stone’s language learning course mainly focuses on the connection between images and language. Unlike other language learning courses, Rosetta Stone is ideal for entry level or people who don’t have prior experience with the language. Learning is achieved through a steady stream of images, games and flashcards   

Rosetta Stone’s methodology allows you to discover patterns. It starts by building a simple vocabulary that progress into phrases. The course feels light and easy with learning heavily reinforced by images. But it is highly structured and is designed to teach though a pattern of learning.    

There are five levels of learning. Level 1 contains basic conversational skills such as greetings and how to go around a new city. Your communication skills steadily progress until you reach Level 5 which by then has given you enough skills to reach native-speaker level and even live comfortably abroad. 



Some may say that Rosetta Stone is pricier compared to other products. But some packages allow the program to be installed on two computers and access to 5 users. Rosetta Stone offers users a 30 day no-risk money back guarantee included with their CD ROM and Version 4 download products. This gives you a great overview of what the learning programs are all about and determine if this would work for you.  

$179 for level 1 and $299 for the complete set (level 1 to 5) 

TOTALe Online 36 month subscription ($499), 12 month subscription ($299), 6 month subscription ($239)


Bottom Line

Rosetta Stone is a language course that continues to deliver a simple yet effective way of teaching foreign languages for those with little or no prior experience. It is widely used by government agencies, educational institutions and large corporations for training. The method uses great use of images and interactive learning exercises that is so effective that could even be used to teach children.

Some critics might contend that this learning approach is too rudimentary and basic that it is more attune for teaching children. But this is exactly how learning a new language should be approached whether it is a child or adult. For more seasoned or those with a working knowledge of the language, Rosetta Stone does offer advanced levels to help reinforce and fine tune their skills. 



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9.9 / 10
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Latest Rosetta Stone Reviews

New York, New York

beware of rosetta stone charging for auto renewed subscription when you haven't signed up for it. I made that mistake and was too late is seeing it on my credit card statement. I called them and they refused to refund. Not good

Boston, Massachusetts

Hate it I would not recommend it.

Mary F
Haiku, Hawaii

I felt something was missing when I began this program—like prior introduction to the vocabulary. Otherwise, you are just guessing at the word that goes with the picture. Fortunately, I had learned vocabulary on Duolingo, so I could use this program to review, as well as add new skills. Learning, for me, should be visual and as errorless as possible. The program you choose depends on knowledge of your learning style. Mothers show the baby what they are talking about. They don’t just say something out of context and have the baby guess.

Husband K
Los Angeles, California

horrible price, no successful

Pawcatuck, Connecticut

This application is a good way for beginners to learn. I am currently starting Spanish and have already learned some good basic stuff. I will say if you want to learn to language, though, you must commit to it, because it will not come right away.

Tasha A
Vancouver, British Columbia

don't buy this program if you want to learn on Ipad. you pay for the program then have to pay for a monthly fee on top of the high cost of the program.

susan v
Kirkland, Washington

Rosetta Stone stinks for German. I'd like to know who your so-called raters are. It's fine if you want to stay in the present tense, but German has 14 tenses plus the imperative, and they aren't covered at all. Neither are idioms. You can't be counted on.

Asheville, North Carolina

Set up is only for those with advanced computer skills. Wouldn't accept my built in microphone. Required additional purchase of head set, and it still didn't work. 3 days and at least 8 person hours (between 2 people) and I QUIT . I was warned and didn't listen. Waste of time, effort ,and money .

Hobbs, New Mexico

This is a good language aplication


the language software cost way too much in comparison to what others offer