Rocket Languages Language Software Review

Rating: 9.3 / 10 (Excellent)
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Rocket Languages Review

Formed in 2004, Rocket Languages developed a Spanish language course designed to help learners speak from the first lesson using practical, everyday Spanish. Since then, it has expanded to other popular languages like French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and more. All their courses rely heavily on technology and online tools to deliver comprehensive, interactive lessons in real-life situations.


What’s included?

Rocket Languages Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Chinese courses each have 3 levels.

Their Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Sign Language courses each have one level.

Each level has over 120 learning hours and includes:

  • Interactive Audio Lessons: Over 30 downloadable audio-style lessons based on native speakers’ conversations,
  • Language & Culture Lessons: Over 30 lessons on the mechanics of the language with audio tracks, and useful cultural lessons,
  • Reinforcement Testing: Each lesson includes a variety of tests to reinforce and enhance learning,
  • Voice Recognition: Their voice recognition tool lets you practice your pronunciation with thousands of words and phrases,
  • Lifetime online access: Unlimited 24/7 access to the online members area, including the members forum
  • Personalized progress tracking: You can earn points and badges and keep track of your test results.
  • Learning tools: You can also save notes on lessons, keep a personal vocabulary list , practice with Flashcards and stay motivated with Advanced Learning Techniques.


How does it work?

Rocket Languages takes a practical, “fun” approach to learning languages with conversational lessons and contextual examples.

The Audio lessons use a “chunking” method to break down and explain conversations, while teaching grammar and vocabulary. The Language & Culture lessons go into more detail, covering grammatical structures, more vocabulary and provide helpful cultural tips.

Courses make full use of technology to make learning more interactive with features like Rocket Record, a voice recognition tool. Rocket Record allows the learner to record their voice and provides immediate speech-to-text feedback (available in Chrome browsers, iOS/Android apps only).

Lessons are well presented, the audio is clear and easy to follow. The Testing section covers various skills like reading, writing, hearing and speaking. Combined with these Testing tools, the course keeps you on track with your learning - especially as it shows where you need improvement. Earning points and badges makes learning more competitive and keeps up the motivation.



While each level of each language retails for $149.95 you can get considerable discounts by using the coupon code ROCKETDEAL at checkout.

For learners without internet access, there are also 20CD packs containing audio CDs for $299.95 per level.

Rocket Languages offers free trials before buying (as well as a 60-day money back guarantee):

Pricing for each course is competitive, compared to others on the market, especially as you get lifetime access. Plus, there is a significant amount of lessons and material per level.


Bottom Line

Rocket Languages seems to effectively use technology to assist language learning. All in all, the learning atmosphere is light and learning is kept fun and easy. For the more serious learners or those needing business language, they might benefit more from the higher levels that tackle more advanced language topics. New learners will appreciate the laid back tone of the course, as well as the ease of use and tools to perfect basic conversational skills.




Top Rated
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9.3 / 10
  • Lots of audio lessons
  • Heavy focus on proper pronunciation and speaking skills
  • Don't just speak, read and write a new language
  • Free Trial
  • 60 day money back guarantee

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Rocket languages really gave me the tools to succeed with my new language. It brought me to a level where I was finally comfortable speaking with native speakers and I was able to take off on my own after that. I highly recommend Rocket Languages to all my friends trying to learn a new language. Learning with this system felt practically effortless.