Fluenz Language Software Review

Rating: 9.1 / 10 (Excellent)
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Fluenz Review

Fluenz takes a comprehensive and more advanced approach towards learning a new language. The program deals deeply with how the language is being used by a native speaker which is sometimes different from how the English language is structured. Building a vocabulary through memorizing is half the journey and Fluenz takes you a step further by teaching you how to structure a correct sentence according to how it is actually used by a native speaker.


What’s included?

Fluenz comes with a Phrase Book Navigator, 5 DVDs, 5 Audio CDs, Brochure, User Guide, Podcasts, Apps and online support/ tutorials features. The course is tech heavy fully utilizes all available media to create a comprehensive learning program. Learning is presented through videos, audio and written materials.   

The amount of material is impressive. It also has a voice recognition program that helps you keep track of your progress. There is the classroom mode where a tutor motivates you to continue on your journey. Fluenz immerses students into the world of multimedia using sight and sound to fully engage its users. It offers a variety of exercises just enough to keep students interested.



Learning is divided into 5 levels


  • Software
  • CD/ DVD
  • Podcasts
  • Phrase book navigator
  • Tutorials


How does it work?

Fluenz language courses are designed to work from a native speaker’s perspective who wishes to learn a new language. The language is broken down into its components and study how the language works. Each language is given a different approach of learning. Some learning programs follow a similar path towards teaching different languages but Fluenz takes a different approach accordingly.

The course spends more time explaining how sentences are structured and gives an overview on different aspects of the language such as grammar and pronunciation. Although low level courses deal with helping you memorize common words and phrases, advanced levels build on this vocabulary and help you formulate proper sentences into near-native levels.

Fluenz allows users who show great improvement or are above the learning curve to skip to a higher level. Rather than going through a fixed learning path which could be frustrating, Fluenz allows students to dictate the pace of learning.



Fluenz is definitely one of those learning products that come on top of the pricing bracket. But after checking the products and support it offers, it is not difficult to understand why it is almost similarly priced to Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur. Fluenz takes a slightly different approach to learning which could be seen in their teaching methods.

Italian course 

Fluenz (Italian) 1+2+3+4+5 $358

Fluenz (Italian) 1+2 $278

Fluenz (Italian) 3+4+5 $310


Bottom Line

fluenz gives language students a more mature approach to learning. Unlike some of the courses e available today that takes the same basic steps such as repetition and vocabulary building, it immerses the student into a more comprehensive approach into all aspects of the new language. This type of learning is more suited towards adults or those brushing up on their skills. It does not give you the feeling of being “tutored” like a child. With Fluenz you are not only taught how to speak a language but it also tries to explain in detail how words come to be. This is definitely not one for those searching for a “fast” and “instant” way of picking up a new language. 






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9.1 / 10
  • Teaching approach specific to language being studied
  • In-depth instructions
  • Used by US Military, senior personnel at the UN and UNICEF, executives of Fortune 500 companies, and students at Harvard Business School and other leading universities.