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Scott SmithFeb 5, 2018

NomNomNow is exactly what you think it means. It's our dogs telling to us they want their food and they want it now. Freshly cooked food, no less, made just for them and delivered right to your front door. charge for delivery! NomNomNow is not really a dog food company. They're an organization that feeds our dogs fresh and properly cooked whole foods that will deliver the perfect combination of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Giving human food to dogs has always been considered a treat. NomNomNow decided to make that treat the norm. As human diets constantly change and improve, so too should their pet's diets. "At any stage of life, food is medicine that can prevent, and sometimes cure, a multitude of ailments and/or illnesses," said founder, Zach Phillips.

By feeding our dogs healthily, we can substantially reduce health risks and costs down the line. Basically, signing your dog up for NomNomNow is an investment in your dog's health. That's great news because NonNomNow invites you to try it at half price. Also, one percent of all sales will be donated to KetoPet Sanctuary,  which provides leading-edge cancer treatment and a "forever home" to shelter dogs at its Southern California facility. KetoPet Sanctuary is on the front lines for animals in need. Their miraculous work and compassion for otherwise unwanted animals with cancer, is second to none. 

Dogs just can't get enough 

History - 

San Francisco Bay Area based NomNomNom was founded in 2015 due to their love for dogs and a vision to crack the code of the 1980's dog food mentality of kibble and canned food. Civilization has made incredible strides in those 35 years, yet dog food has stood in the same place.

People are tired of feeding their pets food filled with additives; designed to add weight with less expensive ingredients that last forever on a shelf, while also keeping the price down. 

In late 2014 the team started cooking and delivering fresh food for friends and family. This quest for cooking fresh food was turbo charged when one of their two mini Australian Shepherds, Harlee, started having health complications due to a compromised immune system. Their vet strongly suggested implicating a fresh food diet for Harlee.

Chief Nutrition Officer, Dr. Justin Shmalberg  - both a veterinarian and a specialist in animal nutrition.

What's the deal?

Taken right from their website - "It's like you got an advanced degree and spent all day cooking meals for your best friend because you want them to live forever. But who has time for that?" - Perfectly stated. Nobody has time for that. But, this is what NomNomNow does.

Dr. Justin Shmalberg is the Chief Nutrition Officer for NomNomNow. He's both a veterinarian and a board-certified specialist in animal nutrition. Dr. Shmalberg is also a clinical assistant professor of integrative veterinary medicine at the University of Florida

"With Fresh diets, people notice immediate benefits" said Dr. Shmalberg. Their dogs have increased energy levels, better moods, healthier weights, shinier coats and fewer ailments. The reason Dr. Schmalberg recommends NomNomNow, is because he feeds his own dogs NomNomNow. 

When you sign your dog up for NomNomNow, Dr. Shmalberg becomes your dog's personal nutritionist. People should only have it this good!!!

Veggie recipe: Dried mulberries, Eggs, Green Beens, Teff- Ethiopian superfood of calcium, protein and fiber, Tofu,  Carrots, Chia Seeds and Bamboo Shoots

How does it work? - Easy as pie 4 step process. 

1. Tell them your dog's weight, age, activity level, breed, and any allergies or health issues they should know about. Choose one of their many recipes and complete your profile in minutes.

2. Meals are cooked are fresh to order in NomNomNow's fresh pet food kitchen facility. 

3. Each serving is perfectly portioned for your dog. NomNomNow takes the guess work out of the equation.

4. A week or month's worth of NomNomNow meals are delivered (free of charge), directly to your door. Put them in your fridge and serve them at meal time.

NomNomNow recipes are vet-formulated to provide your dog with the nutrition they need, and the delicious flavors they deserve. One of those flavors being a veggie option as the world shifts to more healthy conscious diets. All of the NomNomNow recipes are supplemented with fish oil, which include Omega-3 fatty acids that are critical for learning and development.

Prominent pet blogger, Heather Wallace of Bridle and Bone Wellness had this to say, "I love thatNomNomNow has a variety of nutritional, freshly cooked recipes for my dogs. It takes all the guesswork out of meal time resulting in happy and healthy dogs. It could not be more convenient.” - Just ask Heather's dogs here.

NomNomNow Delivery 

Results and Outlook: 

NomNomNow started with 4 people in 2014, CTO, Wenzhe Gao, CEO, Nate Phillips, CEO, Alex Jarrell, and COO, Zach Phillips. Today, in early 2018, they're a company of over 50 strong.

American's spent almost $30 Billion dollars on pet food back in 2015. And considering it's such a massive market, the founders were quite surprised to see the dog food market had made no real improvements in 35 years. It was that dislocation in the marketplace that attracted venture capitalists out of the Bay Area in San Francisco and New York to fully fund NonNonNom's vision. 

Between its e-commerce platform built by a former Google engineer, and one of the country's best veterinary nutritionists, Dr. Shmalberg, NomNomNom cooks and delivers directly to pet customers 14 fresh meals every week portioned perfectly down to the gram for each dog.

We all know the saying, "Its good to be the King" -- Well with NomNomNow, "It's great to be a dog" 

From left to right: Wenzhe Gao, CTO & co-founder, Nate Phillips, CEO & co-founder, Alex Jarrell, co-founder, Zach Phillips, COO & co-founder

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