Essential Kids Guide to Colorado Springs

Terrence GordonMay 17, 2018

Across the whole nation the secret is out, Colorado is where everyone wants to be! Aside from just Denver, though, Colorado Springs is gaining more and more recognition as one of the nation’s top cities to live in. In 2017 WalletHub had the Springs topping Denver, New York City, Las Vegas, and many other urban areas as one of the top five best big cities to live in. In addition to that U.S. News & World ranked the Springs one of the top 10 best US places in 2018.

Pikes Peak, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Garden of the Gods, and the US Olympic Training Center are just some of the many attractions pulling in thousands of new residents every year. Plus that’s not even mentioning the extremely affordable housing market or the easy drive to Denver whenever you feel the need to switch up your scenery. With all this rapid growth, however, parents and youth organizers alike know it will become increasingly difficult to keep a growing population of kids active and productive. After a couple months of great feedback from our guide to Denver, the team at knew that the Springs was the next logical step.

That being said, here are this week’s top varying areas of interest for youth-oriented associations and activities in Colorado Springs. They'll inspire new passions, help with healthy living options, and maybe even replace technology time with fresh conversations on the car ride home.

Lifestyle and Culture

Catamount Institute (source)

Catamount Institute is a non-profit organization based in Colorado Springs, CO, whose mission is to develop ecological stewards through education and adventure. For over 20 years, Catamount has taught children that they all possess the powerful ability to protect and nurture the natural world. Catamount fulfills their mission through innovative research, the inclusion of current events, and lessons consistent with Colorado Department of Education Science Standards; encouraging people to think proactively about their relationship with the environment. Every child that is a part of the program experiences the wonders of the outdoors firsthand, developing life skills that serve society as well as themselves. Each year, Catamount serves over seven thousand youths and adults at schools, parks, camps, and business locations all over the Pikes Peak region. For more information on camps, donating, trips, volunteering, or any of their other programs, please visit their homepage or give them a call at (719) 471-0910.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (source)

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a zoological park located southwest of downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Cheyenne Mountain in the United States. Yes they are located ON the Cheyenne Mountain making them the ONLY mountain zoo in America! In addition to that they were recently voted as the 4th best AZA-accredited zoo in North America. The mission they have set forth for themselves is to be a leader in conservation, captive breeding, and animal care, all while connecting people with wildlife and wild places through experiences that inspire action. Every kid, of any age, will have an experience for a lifetime with every visit. The zoo is expansive covering 140 acres, 40 of which are in use, plus the zoo houses more than 750 animals, representing nearly 150 different species, with more than 30 endangered species. The Zoo offers numerous activities and experiences specifically for kids, whether it’s the Budgie Buddies exhibit, birthday parties, My Big Backyard, or the ZooMobile, there is something for every kid and for the kid in all of us. They also offer their incredibly popular Loft experience, where your child is offered the chance to live the life of a wildlife researcher, a zoo keeper, and a vet. To find out more about attractions, supporting the zoo, specific exhibits, and general inquiries simply visit their homepage or give them a call at (719) 633-9925.

Education and Learning

Children's Literacy Center (source)

Children’s Literacy Center is centered around the quote from Mary Ellen Chase, “There is no substitute for books in the life of a child.” Whether it’s their Literacy Circle, free one-on-one tutoring for children reading below grade level, or their fun-filled Literacy Week later this year; everything the Center does is driven by this amazing idea. Their mission is to build a life of success through a foundation of literacy…one child at a time. For 25 years, this nonprofit organization has been developing the solid reading foundation essential in children’s success now and in the future. CLC works with the community, schools, and individual families, providing a cost-effective literacy program that shrinks the gap between success and failure, at a 95% success rate! They also depend heavily on their dedicated tutors, who give each child the confidence they need to succeed. The ability to read and learn guarantees economic security and social stability in our neighborhoods and communities, thus improving the world we all live in. For more information, please visit their homepage or call them at (719) 471-8672.


Kids on Bikes (source)

Kids on Bikes is based on a simple idea: to bring joy and freedom to kids and families in their community; one bike, one ride, and one mile at a time. Their mission is to inspire and empower all kids to lead healthy, active, and happy lives through bicycling. This is done a number of different ways, including community events, bicycle camps, and the Pedal Station Community Bike Center. They even offer an “earn-a-bike” program in which children from lower income neighborhoods, in grades 3 through 5, learn the value of setting goals, character development, bike safety and skills, and finally healthy living. The program finishes with a sponsored new bike at the end of 10 weeks. The very best part about Kids on Bikes is that everything they do is always centered around the notion of creating community through the simple act of riding a bike. Humanist urbanists have long postulated that communities and cities in which large parts of the population use the spaces between buildings, whether in public transport, walking, or cycling results in healthier and happier citizens. If you would like to become a sponsor, view the calendar of community events, make a donation, or get more information on Pedal Station please visit their homepage or give them a call at (719) 355-3573.