Life House Financial Debt Consolidation Review

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Life House Financial helps consumers searching for loans by providing a convenient process for finding lenders (banks, credit unions and lending institutions) who would like to compete for their business. Its debt consolidation program does not only make funds available for this purpose but also include debt management, debt settlement and bankruptcy in its services. Life House Financial gives you the option of choosing the best rates and payment terms from its list of lending partners. All this for free and its financial tools to help consumers make sound financial decisions.   



Loan Matching Service


Loan Amount

Depends on lender

Loan Periods

5 years maximum

Interest Rates

Depends on lender


No prepayment penalties

No origination fees



18 years and older

US citizen or permanent resident

An active US bank account

Regular income

Available for those with poor credit ratings


Information Used

Employment history

Credit score

Credit history


Debt Consolidation at Life House Financial

Life House Financial does not have an active debt consolidation program but what it does is make it easier for consumers to avail of loans for this purpose by connecting them with lenders. Its website offers a variety of financial tools and topics that aims to educate the average consumer. Applying for a loan can be very difficult especially for those facing multiple debt payments. And coupled with poor credit score does not exactly make this any easier. By giving consumers the option of choosing from a variety of competing lenders, Life House Financial makes it possible for people even with a less than ideal credit profile choose the best rates and loan terms they can qualify for.









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