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Freedom Debt Relief Review

Rating: 9.7 / 10 (Excellent)
6 Customer Comments & Reviews - see all comments
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Freedom Debt Relief is a member of the Freedom Financial Network and is engaged in helping people find debt relief through its debt resolution services. The company negotiates with their client’s creditors to resolve outstanding debt. Freedom Debt Relief and its partners employs debt resolution and debt settlement strategies, credit counseling and debt consolidation services. Freedom Debt Relief currently has 4 offices located in San Mateo, CA and Phoenix, AZ and has served more than 272,000 clients across the United States.


Years in Operation

Started in 2002

Program Length

Estimated 24 to 48 Months



Freedom Debt Relief does not charge any upfront or monthly fees and practices best industry standards. The company has an A+ BBB rating and is accredited with the AFCC and IAPDA.

A+ BBB Rating



FDIC Insure Set Aside Account

Debt Qualification

$25,000 and up

*Freedom Debt Relief works with you to determine a monthly payment program which best fits your budget. This fund is deposited in a new account which you have full control of. The funds will be used for settlements and collections of fees once you agree to a settlement and the first settlement payment is made to your creditor.

Freedom Debt Relief Costs

Freedom Debt Relief does not charge upfront or monthly fees. Fees are based on your home state and the amount of debt enrolled. Fees are assessed once you agree to a settlement and the first settlement payment is made to your creditor.

Upfront Fees

Consultation Fees

Fees and Charges

Varies by State and Debt Amount. Average 21% of enrolled debt.


Services Offered

 Debt Consolidation

Debt Settlement

 Unsecured Debts

Privately Funded Student Loans

 Credit Cards

 Collection and Repossessions

Medical Bills


Client Support



                24/7 Online Client Dashboard



  • 5:00am and 8:00pm PST Monday-Friday
  • 8:00am and 3:00pm PST Saturday
  • 9:00am and 2:00pm Sunday

Current Clients: 1(800) 655-6303

Email support@freedomdebtrelief.com


Debt Consolidation and Settlement at Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief offers a variety of debt solution programs and even includes debt consolidation assistance. Its program can be tailored to a client’s specific needs and is designed to work faster than just making minimum monthly payments. Freedom Debt Relief is a solid choice and one of the more reputable services in the industry today. No upfront fees makes it virtually risk free for those who like to enroll in a debt settlement program.




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6 Customer Comments & Reviews

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, Michigan
I would never recommend freedom debt relief they hire people and they don't train them to tell you the truth I ended up having to pull one of my accounts out because they lied to me and said my husband wouldn't be on it and he was so it ruined his credit

Greenville, North Carolina
excellent experience and program will allow to make extra fund payments to quickly pay off credit card debts

Sharon M
Neptune City, New Jersey
I naively thought that this company would have my back and protect me from creditors, but found out the hard way that unless I had a decent amount of money in my account (I paid $800 per month), the process of freeing me from my debts would be a long process with no protection from being sued. Two very small accounts were settled quickly, but my nightmare was American Express. They do not negotiate with anybody and I wound up being sued. Freedom did not protect me like I thought they would and I got out of my contract with them ASAP. They should have warned me that this might happen, but they didn't.

Tucson, Arizona
Truthfully, I never even got as far as signing up for the program. I owed about $45,000 in debt and the agent told me I would have to pay $45,000, put into an escrow account to the tune of $800 a month (more than the payments to my cards). I asked if they negotiated the amount down with the creditors and he laughed at the idea. Then I get this contract to sign that says the amount will be negotiated down to $22,000 and that they will charge $9500 up front and then 1.5% of the amount owed, per year which brought the amount up to the original amount - just that half of it now goes to them. I can cancel at any time but I still will owe the $10-20,000 in fees. I thought that was outrageous and... Read More

Rebecca B
Sparta, Georgia
Right now I am frightened. No one from fdr contact me. I get threatening letters from creditors and calls. I can't afford to save very much money each month but it would be nice to try to pay off the smaller ones. I feel trapped and alone.

Long Beach, California
I'm more stressed out than I was before I signed up. The person I signed up with stop responding to my calls and emails after i signed up. I owe more than I did before I signed up with FDR on one account, My check is being garnished for another account enrolled in the program and the representatives tell me now that they don't negotiate until funds build up. Ok, you don't contact the creditors to at least inform them your client is enrolled in the program?

Top Rated
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9.8 / 10
  • Chosen by Almost 90% of ConsumersAdvocate Visitors
  • Our #1 Choice: 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
  • No upfront fees
  • One-on-one evaluation with a debt counseling expert
  • Reduces your debt in 24 to 48 months
  • For people with $7,500 in unsecured debts and up
  • Rated A+ by Better Business Bureau
  • Free consultation, 100% Confidential