American Debt Enders Debt Consolidation Review

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Started in 2006, American Debt Enders is a debt counselling service that helps people take control of their debt. It provides free debt counselling services and a variety of debt management programs. The company currently partners with a variety of debt and financial consultation services to provide a complete approach to debt concerns. Debt solutions include debt settlement, debt consolidation and debt structuring for their clients.



Debt consultation services


Loan Amounts

$5,000 minimum debt requirement


Loan Period

Debt management and debt consolidation programs are designed to help clients become debt free in under 5 years.


Interest Rates

American Debt Enders helps clients take control of their debt by employing a myriad of debt reduction targeted services. This include negotiating with banks for lower rates. Hence, interest rates for debt consolidation can vary accordingly.



American Debt Enders provides free consultation to clients hoping to control their spiraling debt problems. It does not impose restriction on the maximum loan amount serviced or client credit scores.  Its free consultation services helps determine which debt resolution strategy works best in your situation.


Debt Consolidation at American Debt Enders

American Debt Enders provides a well-rounded debt relief program that can cater to a variety of debt resolution needs. Its free consultation services helps kick start your road to debt freedom. With its network of affiliates and partners, American Debt Ender is able to connect you with a specialists that is able to handle your debt resolution needs. A low minimum debt of $5,000 makes it possible for almost anyone to enjoy the services that the company offers. With its wide range of debt resolution targeted services which includes debt consolidation, finding a solution to your lingering debt problems is possible.