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Rating: 8 / 10 (Very good)
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VeriFirst is a business division of The BYL Group of Companies, an organization that focuses on invoice collections and background checks. VeriFirst offers a wide range of background check services and packages them for use by specific industries. The company also provides its customers with information about FCRA compliance and other legal issues related to background checks.

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Company Reputation
Customer Service

Overall Rating: 8 / 10 (Very good)

VeriFirst exceeds industry norms in the range of services it provides and the way it combines those services into industry-specific reports. It appears that no derogatory reviews or information, save for a lawsuit of uncertain disposition, have been published about the company in its fourteen years of existence. Its feature-laden website and publication of its address and phone numbers suggest a commitment to customer service. The company can fairly be described as one of the best in the business.

VeriFirst Screening Details

Screening - 9 / 10

VeriFirst covers the waterfront of background checking services. Components of its background reports include credit ratings, residence/employment/educational history, and inquiries into civil and criminal legal actions. It also provides drug testing services. The company groups these various types of data into packages designed to appeal to particular types of customers. This mixture of comprehensive services and industry-targeted reports sets VeriFirst above much of the competition.
Legal Records
Federal/State Criminal
Civil Actions
Sex Offender Registry
Global Watch List
Driving Record
Other Records
Credit Check
Education & Employment Verification
Past Addresses

Additional Services

  • Drug Screening

Sample Background Check Report

Sample Report

VeriFirst Company Reputation

Company Reputation - 8 / 10

Very little information is available about VeriFirst's business reputation. It has no reviews or complaints with either the BBB or TrustPilot. We infer that a company that's been in business for 14 years and has not attracted complaints or adverse publicity is keeping its customers well-satisfied.

Key Reputational Facts

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Certifications & Actions

Classified by FCRA as Consumer Reporting Agency
NAPBS Accredited

Consumer Litigation and Regulatory Actions

VeriFirst was a defendant in a lawsuit brought by an employee who alleged that he lost his job because VeriFirst inaccurately named him as a sex offender. It's unclear whether or how that case was resolved.

VeriFirst Pricing

Pricing - 8 / 10

VeriFirst doesn't publish a price list, but it does enable prospective customers to get an immediate quote by completing a web form. The form is customizable and presents consumers with a cafeteria-style array of services, which are then priced according to the customer's selections. There are no annual fees or monthly minimums. This pay-as-you-go pricing model may appeal to people and organizations whose needs for background check services are irregular and unpredictable, as well as to clients who require a specialized set of background information.
Free Report
Plan 1 Name
Customer ID Verification
Plan 2 Name
Employment Screening
Plan 3 Name
Tenant Screening

VeriFirst Customer Service

Customer Service - 7 / 10

Perhaps because VeriFirst is affiliated with debt collection companies, it offers its customers particularly robust information and tools relating to FRCA compliance and related issues. Unlike some of its competitors, the company publishes its phone numbers, mailing and physical address, and email contact information. Further, some of its background report data is instantly available online. It appears, therefore, that VeriFirst is more committed to customer service than other companies in the background check industry.
24/7 Hotline
Contact Method
Mobile App
FCRA Compliance Assistance

Company Profile

Full Name
VeriFirst Background Checks
Company Website
301 Lacey Street, West Chester, PA, 19382
Mailing Address
PO Box 1310, Malvern, PA, 19355

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