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Rating: 7 / 10 (Very good)
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HireRight is a business unit of Altegrity Risk International, which in turn is a subsidiary of Kroll, Inc. HireRight performs over 100 types of screening services to clients all over the world and to a number of Fortune 500 corporations.

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Overall Rating: 7 / 10 (Very good)

HireRight benefits from its enormous size and nearly three decades of experience in the background check business. It's a truly global company, one that does business with large Fortune 100 corporations and small businesses alike. It offers the broadest possible array of background check services. However, the relatively recent history of lawsuits and regulatory actions against it may give many customers pause—especially since HireRight has attempted to impute the liability for its inaccurate background checks to the companies that hire them. No information is available about HireRight's pricing structure, so this potential point of comparison cannot be evaluated. For consumers who need a background check company with global reach and an unusually broad range of investigative services, HireRight may be a plausible choice. But until the company demonstrates that it has tightened up its quality control and legal compliance, prospective customers may wish to look elsewhere.

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Screening - 7 / 10

HireRight provides one of the most extensive list of background screening services in the industry. The company offers over 150 data points on the people it investigates and has a truly global reach. It works for other large Fortune 100 corporations, large organizations, and governments, all of whom can pay for the most thorough vetting possible.
Legal Records
Federal/State Criminal
Civil Actions
Sex Offender Registry
Global Watch List
Driving Record
Marriage and Divorce
Other Records
Social Media
Credit Check
Education & Employment Verification
Past Addresses

Additional Services

  • Drug Screening

HireRight Company Reputation

Company Reputation - 7 / 10

Although HireRight is a major player in the background check market, it and its parent company have been defendants in numerous individual and class action consumer lawsuits and in federal regulatory actions. In 2012, 2014, and 2016, the company was named in several lawsuits, which alleged that HireRight had violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by failing to delete records of expunged criminal convictions and failing to supply the subjects of background checks with copies of their reports, among other infractions. In 2015, its parent company, Altegrity, reached a $30 million settlement with the US Department of Justice for failing to conduct quality reviews of completed background checks. Subsequently, Altegrity declared bankruptcy and was merged into Kroll, Inc.

Perhaps to some extent this is a product of the company's enormous size, since larger companies have more customers and therefore are exposed to larger risks from errors. However, the portrait that emerges from these legal actions is of a company that has had substantial problems in ensuring the accuracy of its background reports and in complying with the consumer rights provisions of the FCRA.

More disturbingly, the company has defended itself in claims that it provided grossly inaccurate and defamatory information on people by arguing that it had no responsibility to pay damages when those people were fired from their positions on the basis of the inaccurate information. The company argued that it was just a harmless "middleman," since it did not fire those employees itself. This argument is, at its core, a claim that the company does not stand behind the accuracy of its background screenings.

Although the company has been reorganized somewhat since the 2015 bankruptcy of its parent company, Altegrity, its history of serious errors and violations of the FCRA is only a few years behind it. It's not clear whether HireRight has taken steps to improve its compliance with the FCRA and the accuracy of its reports. The company's reputation at this point is questionable at best.

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Classified by FCRA as Consumer Reporting Agency
NAPBS Accredited

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Pricing - 7 / 10

Like many companies whose business is primarily with large corporations and organizations, HireRight does not publish a price list or other billing information.
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HireRight Customer Service

Customer Service - 7 / 10

HireRight offers its customers multiple ways to communicate with it. Customers can use a chat window on the company's website, any one of several 800 numbers, or email to reach HireRight. Further, the company has numerous offices both in the US and overseas. The company also has extensive resources to help clients comply with the FCRA and other statutes and regulations.
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