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Rating: 9 / 10 (Excellent)
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Norton by Symantec offers a comprehensive list of anti-virus features that are able to identify and eliminate online and offline threats. It does not only prevent viruses from infecting or compromising your computer but also restores infected files. Its anti-virus database is constantly updated ensuring that you are protected against the latest threats. Features include enhanced parental controls, two-way firewall, better identity protection and a whole lot more.  


30 Day Free trial


  • Standard (1PC or Mac) $39.99/yr (MSRP$69.99)
  • Deluxe (up to 5 PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets) $39.99/yr (MSRP$89.99)
  • Premium (up to 10 PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets) $49.99/yr (MSRP$109.99)











Real-time protection

Virus, spyware, malware and phishing protection

Secure password protection

Smartphone and tablet protection

Add additional protection option


25GB secure storage + backup



Auto power off after backup



Parental controls



100% virus free guarantee


Technical support


Advance Features

Norton by Symantec's anti-virus engine effectively protects your computer from attacks not just by using information located in its database but also recognizes suspicious patterns associated with viruses. It could perform a scheduled scan or identify and block threats in real time. It makes browsing more secure, blocking malware, pop-ups and IP address insight.

Norton by Symantec is easy to use and could be controlled with a few clicks. Norton ups the ante of protection by replacing infected files with its original versions if possible. It does this by consulting with its Norton Insight database. This is especially effective when important files are deleted or quarantined.

  • SONAR behavioral protection
  • IP address insight
  • Identity safe

Operating System Compatibility


Support Services

  • Live Chat
  • Phone support
  • Knowledge base
  • Norton Live Expert 


Just like all the top selling anti-virus software being reviewed, more advanced options are only available thru higher priced versions or add-ons. Norton however, still comes pricier compared to the other anti-virus software in our list. On the good side, Norton does bring solid value for your money with excellent protection, trouble free surfing and a whole lot of features designed to keep you out of trouble.  The ability to use these anti-virus software on three computers could also offset some of the initial costs of installing the software.











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James V
Rutherford, New Jersey
I've had Norton for all my security systems at work and at home. They always do a good job at protecting my computer and it's at a reasonable price. Never had any problems with them. Would continue to use them in the future.