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Incognito is a VPN service provider that allows users to securely browse the web anonymously. They have more than 30 server locations worldwide which provide a network uptime of 99.99%.

Features and Services

Incognito helps Internet users to browse the web without being identified. It has over 30 servers across the world and offers an uptime guarantee of 99.99%.

The VPN service provider has secure encryption, which makes users safe from hackers, meddlers, and governments. What's more, the company does not store browsing histories or online logs. This enables their customers to feel safe about the websites they’re visiting. The software is also able to completely hide a given user from all third parties online.

Incognito’s premium plans do not have bandwidth restrictions and data capacity. All accounts use web proxy and have secure protocols for safe online browsing.

Product Features

Number of Countries Served


Number of Servers


Number of IPS


Number of Devices

Up to 5 Devices for Anonymous Plan



Security and Protocols



Kill Switch

Not Supported




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American Express


Help and Support

Email Support

24 Hour Telephone Support

Live Chat

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Plans and Pricing

Free Trial

Money Back Guarantee







*Standard Rate

VPN Services at Incognito

Incognito is a good choice for people searching for reliable VPN services. With its uptime guarantee, competitive rates and up-to 5 device simultaneous connection, Incognito comes highly recommended in our list of top VPN services. 

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11 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Montreal, Quebec
Informed by their tech support that they are no longer accepting sign-ups or renewals. Goodbye to bad garbage.

Morristown, New Jersey
I used Incognito for about a year. The speeds in my case were very good for most activities. There an entry point in my area. During normal browsing on my OS X and Linux systems you really don't notice the difference. A few services will prompt you for CAPTHA's However, P2P speeds are extremely slow! You are lucky to get 100kbs down, but for some reason, I'm always getting great upload speeds. I moving to a new provider this year.

Franklin Square, New York
This service is the very worst and customer and tech support is even worse, their rating should be a minus 10!!! Stay away from this company. They could not resolve the easiest thing, I could not log into their service, tech support kept this farce up for months, then told me, I had to cancel my account, so I did. I have never been able to log into their service, I paid $23.95, when I canceled the service, they prorated it and said they could not issue a refund for less than $20!!!! So, they want to just keep my money, they also told me, they could not issue a refund because the account I used was giving them an error (which is bull), they also said, they could not issue a check, and a few... Read More

Slow in all cases. From P2P and also direct connection. Waste of money, don't bother. Speeds can be as low as 30KB/s (i.e. 1992 dial up speeds). I'm so #$ssed at them. Their chat help line is responsive but with zero solutions except for a we're sorry...well that just not good enough..Use them and you'll waste you hard earned cash..

Darren M
I've been using Incognito for several months now and it's terrible! Their OSX app sporadically drops the VPN connection without telling you but the app still says you're connected. The speed is lackluster, barely even 1Mb/s most of the time. Overall, I wouldn't recommend their service to anyone based on my experience. It's bad enough I'm considering paying for a different service and abandoning what I've already paid for with Incognito!

Kelowna, British Columbia
The crappiest customer service I have come across in a very long time. I cancelled over their website within the cancellation period. Two weeks later I got an email saying they could not find my account and they gave me a list of info to provide. It went to my junk folder so I didn't find it for a few weeks. There was a phone number so I decided to call. They gave me my refund but refused to give me the first 2 months because it was past the cancellation period! I told them I had the email confirming the original support ticket that was within the cancellation period and the email sent 2 weeks later confirming they could not find my account. Incognito did not care. Apparently, I... Read More

Incognito service sucks. After I signed up for their service I only got to use it for one day. Thereafter I lost all connections to all their servers. They kept asking me to change my password. For what? For nothing. They weren't able to fix the problem and instead offered to reduce the fees. What for when I can't even connect. To make it worse their service response was super slow. When I asked for a refund they only wanted to refund half of what I paid when I only got to use their service for 1 measly day. Super disappointing and super waste of money.

Kirkland, Washington
Customer support is non-existent. They charged me twice and will not respond to inquiries to fix the issue. It has been days with radio silence on their end.

Richard L
These guys are scammers. Many people, including myself, signed up and paid for the subscription, but never got a refund when requested. Their vpn servers are non-functional and there's no technical or billing support. None whatsoever.

Bruce B
Seattle, Washington
Beware, poor customer support. I had billing issues on check out which after two days later I still have not had a reply from them addressing the issue. There is no help without an additional subscription fee. So far based on my experience, despite the nice software I'd look elsewhere.

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