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Laurel Road - The Calculator that Helps Organize Your Student Debt

Michael Shannon O’KeefeAug 12, 2017

For the majority of young Americans, student loan debt is a part of life. For many, the daily act of opening one's email inbox is a dreaded task. The awful ring of the 'Unknown Caller' has the ability to change a relaxing evening with friends into the well-known "I think I'm going to go home early" declaration. The student loan chain around the neck weighs heavy, rearing its ugly head day after day.

According to Student Loan Hero, "Americans owe over $1.4 trillion in student loan debt, spread out among about 44 million borrowers." It escalates to a point where an individual loses all focus on their email or voicemail inboxes. It's disheartening to organize such a depressing topic in one's life—especially when dealing with a multitude of bad-news lenders. After all, one still needs to be constantly searching for a job in an increasingly competitive market to repay said student loans.

Although they can't waive a magic wand to vanquish your loans, the individuals at Laurel Road have developed a one-of-a-kind loan assessment calculator to help organize your debt for free. It's not a fun topic to broach, but Laurel Road has made it simple, easy, and systematic. The most beneficial aspect of the calculator—aside from letting you know where you truly stand with your debt—is the money you get to save. Take 20 minutes, right now, and get it over with. It's free and, although we can't say it will actually be fun, you'll be able to take your financial future into your own hands.

Sympathy and Assistance from the People at Laurel Road:

  • We understand how challenging it can be for borrowers to wade through all of their repayment options. That's why we have simplified the process by creating a free tool designed to help student loan borrowers understand and compare each of their repayment options before deciding on how to pay back their student loan debt, all while saving the most money.
  • The tool is easy and completely free to use: borrowers simply have to enter their loan, education, and financial information, and Laurel Road will provide estimates of monthly payments, forgiveness potential, and out of pocket costs for all of their options, both federal and private.
  • While this tool is useful for all borrowers, it is particularly useful for medical students because it includes a resident feature, where residents can enter all of their current information, including how long they're in training and their expected starting salary after training, and the tool will provide projections based on that information.