Green Capital Credit Small Business Loans Review

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Green Capital Credit specializes in providing loan services to small businesses across the United States. Services include Minority Business Funding, Small Business Funding, Merchant Cash Advance, Working Capital Financing, and Franchise Finance. Green Capital Credit gives small business quick access to loans with its quick online application and 24 hour approval with same day funding.

Features and Services

Green Capital Credit offers funding options to small businesses across the country. It gives businesses access to Minority Business Funding, Merchant Cash Advance, Small Business Funding, Working Capital, and Franchise Financing. Funding experts are provided to guide borrowers better understand the terms of their loan.

The loan process starts by filling out an online application form. Once done with the application form, financial specialist will call them directly to discuss the terms and funding process. Approval time is as little as 24 hours with same day funding.

Green Capital Credit provides an alternative to traditional funding with its small business financing programs. Its easy and flexible capital options allow borrowers quick access to funds which can come in the form of a short term loan for faster repayment. Funds can be used by the borrower for any business related purpose. This can be approved without a proposal or business plan.

Green Capital Credit requires a business to be at least 6 months in business with a $10,000 monthly revenue to be qualified. Other information required includes credit score, company details, personal information, valid contact number, and address.

Plan Details

Loan Amount

From $10,000 to $100,000 and over

Loan Terms

3 to 60 months

Interest Rates

Not Stated

Fixed Interest Rate

Variable Interest Rate

Down Payment

Not Stated


Loan Fees

Closing Cost

Not Stated


Not Stated

Other Fees

Not Stated

Prepayment Penalty

Not Stated


Loan Application

Online Application

Personal Credit Profile

Business Credit Profile

Approval Time


Local Branches

Available Nationwide

Application Time


Mobile App



U.S. Citizen

Good Credit


Years in Business

6 months

Qualified even with bad credit


Help and Support Services

Email Support

24 Hour Telephone Support

Live Chat



Small Business Loans at Green Capital Credit

Green Capital Credit offers a fast and easy small business loan application with a quick 24-hour approval time and same day funding which is ideal for small business searching quick access to much needed funds. With multiple funding options, Green Capital Credit can help small businesses find a more personalized funding solution to their growing business needs. Overall, a great place for small businesses searching for small business loans.




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