Dealstruck Small Business Loans Review

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According to the CEO of Dealstruck, Ethan Senturia, “Although we are not currently originating new loans, we are continuing to provide our clients with the high-level of service they have come to expect from us. ”

Features and Services

Dealstruck can fund loan applications for up to $500,000 with terms ranging from 3 to 36 months. It doesn’t charge any closing cost fee and prepayment penalty, which means borrowers can pay their loan in advance with no penalty.

The company creates a custom-design lending packages and combine it with traditional business loans, asset-based lines of credit and many other revenue-based loan products. It connects borrowers with the best and most appropriate resources to help them reach their future faster.

DealStruck’s application process is designed to help its borrowers learn about its unique financial needs. The company collects information from borrowers such as tax returns; current bank account information and FICO score. With this simple information DealStruck can create a plan for its borrower’s success.  

Its qualifications for applying loan must have a 600 plus personal credit score, has a personal guarantee and a lien on business assets. Applicant’s business must be at least one year in business with monthly revenue of at least $12,500.

Dealstruck provides FAQ page on its website regarding concerns about loan process and terms. Its help and support team can be reached via email, live chat and telephone support.

Plan Details

Loan Amount

More than $250,000

Loan Terms

3 to 36 months

Interest Rates


Fixed Interest Rate

Variable Interest Rate

Down Payment

Loan Fees

Closing Cost


Other Fees

Prepayment Penalty

Loan Application

Online Application

Personal Credit Profile

Business Credit Profile

Approval Time


Local Branches

Available Nationwide

Application Time


Mobile App


U.S. Citizen

Good Credit


Years in Business


Qualified even with bad credit

Help and Support Services

Email Support

24 Hour Telephone Support

Live Chat


Small Business Loans at Dealstruck

Dealstruck is a good starting point for businesses searching for small business loans. It provides flexible credit lines to help business get access to much needed funds.


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