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HughesNet is a high speed satellite internet service that provides internet access to homes across the contiguous United States. It offers an alternative to cable-based internet services by directly providing this to home via satellite technology. HughesNet makes it possible for rural homes or those without access to standard internet services to enjoy high-speed internet. HughesNet has a variety of internet packages that offers download speeds of up to 15 MBPS and 100 GB in data allowance.


Internet Plans

HughesNet internet packages are mainly based on a variety data allowance, download and upload speed setups. Data allowance for all packages are quite generous compared to similarly priced plans from other satellite internet providers.



Monthly Price


Data Allowance





$39.99 for first three months (new subscribers only)

55 GB



Prime Plus


$49.99 for 24 months (new subscribers only)

60 GB



Pro Plus


$69.99 for 24 months (new subscribers only)

65 GB





$79.99 for 24 months (new subscribers only)

100 GB




HughesNet does provide a generous amount of data allowance across its plans. The company practices a Fair Access Policy that regulates the amount of data usage for each customer. It limits the amount of data uploaded or downloaded with a one-month billing period. Customers who exceed this limit can experience a reduction in internet speed.

*** Speeds are not guaranteed. Monthly Data Allowance is the sum of the Anytime and Bonus Bytes. Actual speeds during the Bonus Byte period will likely be lower than speeds indicated.



Plan Details


Contract Length

24 months

Activation Fee


Leasing Fee

$9.99 per month

Cancellation Fee

Up to $400


*** If you cancel after activation but before the end of your 24-month term commitment, you will be charged a Service Termination Fee of up to $400. The exact amount of the Service Termination Fee will be $400 for the first ninety (90) days after activation of the HughesNet Service. Thereafter, the amount will decrease by $15 per month for each month of active Service.


Features and Services

HughesNet comes with free email and a suite of internet targeted features. Its Smart Technology is designed to improve user experience by enhancing browsing speeds and monitoring data usage. Its data allowance is already considerable but Bonus Bytes allows more savings on your monthly daily allowance. In case you manage your data allowance, its Restore Token service allows you to replenish this with an additional fee of course.

  1. Restore token
  2. Bonus Bytes (2 am to 8 am)
  3. Email
  4. Vacation plan
  5. Smart Technology
  • Smart Fetch – for faster web loading pages
  • Smart compression – save as much as 30% on your data allowance
  • Smart Allowance – monitor data usage
  • Smart Browsing – send email and browse even when you’ve exceeded your data allowance


Support Services

  • 24/7 support
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Online chat
  • Technical support


Satellite Internet at HughesNet

Internet services whether satellite or cable-based is all about speed, reliability and pricing. HughesNet does come with cheaper monthly plans but it fall behind in terms of internet speed more specifically its upload speeds. This basically means spending more time uploading videos or photos on your social media accounts which could also be a deal breaker for avid online gamers. But even with its shortcomings, HughesNet does come with good credentials and deliver solid internet services especially for areas without reliable internet services.   


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Jim Tripp
Kalispell, Montana
HughesNet Satellite Internet review
I'm writing this to warn anyone thinking about using this internet service to STAY AWAY FROM IT. I was introduced to Hughes in a package deal with Directv (who has done a wonderful job). They brought in a third party contractor to install the dish, and without any hesitation he put it where Directv told me a dish should be avoided, which was directly into my roof with tree and leaf background. The contractor told me the Internet dish works differently and not to worry. The Internet was extremely slow then stopped working altogether when the leaves started budding. I asked Hughes politely to come fix the problem and to send a contractor who actually does a good job. Sure enough, the same guy shows up, annoyed by the inconvenience. After asking him politely several times to move the dish, he finally conceded and tacked it onto the cottage next door, again in a half ass fashion that this man is obviously accustomed to. Starts out for a few weeks medium to slow speed before losing alignment with the satellite altogether. Puzzled, asked a friend who used to install dishes and he said the dish was hanging there with no support and was bound to lose alignment eventually. I called Hughes, was connected to someone who's first language obviously wasn't English. She told me I would have to pay $125. I told her I would not pay that money for substandard work, she conceded and was arranging to have a technician to come fix the problem when our phone conversation was mysteriously disconnected. Like Groundhog Day, a similar conversation the next four times I called to arrange tech support. Could never get a time to have the technician come to fix the problem, until I finally became the irate customer that no company wants to deal with, undoubtedly being labeled as a trouble maker. My foreign friend told me again I would need to pay the $125 and again I refused. She asked me if I wanted to cancel the service and I told her I just want the service TO WORK. To her credit, she did make the arrangement and gave me a time that the technician would arrive, this time of course during my regular work hours in the emergency room for which I had to rearrange my schedule. She explained that this was the only time the tech would be able to work on the dish for any foreseeable future appointment. She also said she would credit me the two weeks which the service was not working. Ok. Sounds reasonable. This time, I made very clear that there would need to be a different technician than the one who had visited twice previously. So take a wild guess who shows up? ...the same idiot. At this point it's almost funny. So he realigns the dish, puts up a support bracket that he should have placed on the second visit, and is about to bid me good day. "Just a moment please. I'm not getting a connection signal". Mr Sunshine then informs me that if my modem hasn't been used in some time, it probably needs to be connected directly to a computer for a software update. And then says "it's working on my end". The anger which was rising nearly uncontrollably in my heart stayed in check as I invited him to leave, while he was standing there obviously expecting some sort of tip. I then called Hughes. Lots of apologies, and disbelief that he would leave without making sure the service was working correctly. Who doesn't love some good lip service, right? So while Mr Empathy is on the phone and putting me on holds to do who knows what, I start tinkering with the modem and accidentally fix it myself. All is well that ends well, so they say... until the next day when the $125 service fee is charged to my account. So of course when I called and told them I specifically said I would not pay the fee, they told me I had agreed to it and that it could not be refunded. THE END This review will be copied and sent to Directv corporate, Hughesnet, the Better Business Bureau, everyone I know in the surrounding counties, Facebook friends, Angie's List, and to any other entities I can find that can have some impact on these crooks' business. Hope the $125 was worth it, jack-offs. Welcome to the Information Age.