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As of March 3, 2017, Proficio Mortgage is no longer in business. The following description of the company corresponds to the services they previous provided.

Proficio Mortgage is the reverse mortgage service of Profico Bank. The company offers adjustable-rate and standard fixed rates on their loan services for senior homeowners.

Services and Features

Proficio Reverse Mortgage helps clients by facilitating information exchange and education between the customer and in-house loan professionals. All prospective clients must complete a reverse mortgage counselling session. This session can be done face to face, over the phone, or at the counsellor's location, depending on your location preference and state guidelines.

Proficio Reverse Mortgage only considers homeowners that are over 62-years-old. Successful mortgagors can use their disbursement to improving living conditions, address medical needs, relieve financial stress, or purchase long term care insurance.

Proficio offers no monthly mortgage payments for qualified events. These include the sale of the subject's property, the death of person on title of subject property, and the change of primary residence of the borrower.   

This reverse mortgage moneylender gives a variety of reverse mortgage options to seniors. Proficio also offers standard loans for mortgagors who want to guard against inflation. They also have standard-fixed rates that ensures stable insurance rates within the period of the loan.    

Services and Features

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

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Financial Guide

Types of Reverse Mortgage

VA Loans

Single-Purpose Reverse Mortgage

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage

Proprietary Reverse Mortgage



Home Owner

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62 and older


Member of US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Member of Nation Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association

Insured by FHA

Approved by Equal Housing Opportunity

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Reverse Mortgage at Proficio Mortgage     

Proficio Mortgage is a good choice for seniors searching for reverse mortgage services. Counseling services and a variety of reverse mortgage options help clients get the most out of the equity in their home. 

As of March 3, 2017, Proficio Mortgage is no longer in business. The previous description of the company corresponds to the services they provided.

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lutchman m
Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
i have work with this company in the pass they have a wonderfull experience in every thing like coustomer services something others might not have