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Wellness Pet Insurance Coverage

Bizhen FuJan 31, 2014

Wellness coverage, or preventative care as it's also called, covers you from the things that are routine or expected over the course of a year. Think routine vet checkups, vaccinations, spay & neutuering procedures, & these types of things.

You do not want a plan that's inclusive of this coverage. Here's why:

Worse Value: There's a reason 82% of policies in the US don't offer preventative care coverage. It's because it's not a better deal. It's not a better value because if you're paying more each month via your premium, over the life of your pet, you're going to pay a lot more than if you paid for lower cost "wellness" procedures out of pocket.

Worse Coverage: You also don't get better coverage. Less reputable companies realize that the ordinary consumer doesn't understand this not-so-intuitive notion that paying out of pocket for routine expenses is actually less expensive than having an insurance plan cover them. So be on the lookout for companies that manipulate their policies in order to offer wellness coverage (so that they get people to buy), then, skimp elsewhere in the plan by reducing coverage in important coverage areas where the informed consumer would want full protection.

So check out our top 10 picks for best pet insurance companies, see which plan is right for you, get several quotes, but make sure the plan that you pick does not have "preventative" or "wellness" coverage, as it's not going to be a better value or give you a better policy.