Case Study - Why Pepper Got Pet Insurance

Sam NiccollsMar 10, 2015

Despite being a pet parent to a over a dozen different dogs over the years, like most people, world renowned relationship therapist, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, didn’t know the first thing about pet insurance when she got, Mr. Big, her 185 lb Great Pyrenees.

At first Pepper wasn't sure if paying the monthly premiums made sense. Is the investment of pet insurance something that makes financial sense? Pepper wasn't sure. But, upon her son’s suggestion she decided to take a look. After asking a half dozen friends about their experiences paying for pet insurance & doing some back of the enevelope math of her own, Pepper decided to give pet insurance a try. 

Several years passed. No vet bills. No claims filed to her insurance company. Did she need pet inusrance she asked herself halfway through her 3rd year over coverage.     

Then, not more than a week after Pepper had decided to stick with pet insurance, it happened. Pepper woke up to an uncharacteristically lethargic Mr. Big. He hadn't eaten his morning kibbel & he was sleeping under the Cherry Tree in the backyard. Not eating? Not playing with Pepper's 3 other dogs? This wasn't Mr. Big. He needed to get checked out at the vet. 

So, off to the vet she went. Pepper brought Mr. Big to his regular veterinary clinic where his veterinarian diagnosed him with Colitis, treated him for dehydration, suggested that if it gets worse to contact an emergency care mobile veterinarian and sent him home. Over the weekend, Mr. Big’s condition didn't improve, which meant Pepper had to take her vet's recommendation & get emergency care for him.

Thanks goodness she didn't think twice about getting the care Mr Big neededs, as the emergency care vet noticed that Mr. Big had a wound on his behind that had become infected with fecal matter. This is what was causing the lethargy & loss in appetitite that Pepper had noticed. Mr. Big had his bottom and tail shaved and the vet took his time to clean and medicate the sores that had developed. He also prescribed long-term medications and a special diet.

Without the help of Pet Insurance, the cost to treat Mr. Big would have been staggering. Pepper says that throughout the experience she was able to focus on the best care possible for Mr. Big without worrying about how this would affect her financially. She spent thousands alone in diagnostic tests that she likely wouldn't have if her insurance company hadn't covered 90% of those procedures.  

What happened to Mr.Big, you ask?

Well, we're happy to say he made a full recovery & is back to his old self again, which is a huge relief to Pepper & her family. $3,400 in vet bills later, which she only paid 10% of, Pepper now wouldn't have another dog without pet insurance. She feels the way an increasing number of pet parents do: If you love your dog enough to pay thousands in vet bills, or if you simply want the best care for your pet, and most of us fall into both categories, then it's important to have the protection of great pet insurance plan.